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And on a book!

While at my friend Stacey’s wedding on Saturday, I discovered that I’m going to be appearing on a forthcoming book! It was sheer luck that a proof copy of said book happened to land on the desk of a girl that I happen to know, who works at a publishers!

Here’s the cover:

The original photo is by Allan Jenkins:

My dress in this shot is by my favourite repro brand Big Beautiful Barbara Brown.

Here’s the book at Amazon!

It’s not out until January 2009, and I am unfortunately not credited as the photo was from a stock library. But it’s cool to think that everyone who reads the book will be picturing the heroine as me! I’m chuffed to bits.


Lady Melbourne

What a stunning blog you have- how stunning are you?!
I stumbled across it from From Betsy with Love, because I too have a love of all things vintage related, particularly the 1940s.
I will be coming back to read more, please keep it up!


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