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A most civilised afternoon. And weddings, part 2!

Last Sunday, for my best friend Gemma’s birthday, she, I and her sister Sonia went off up to London to take Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason. I have only ever been past this iconic London department store, and have never been inside, let alone bought anything. I have to say that Gemma did want to have Tea at the Ritz, but it was fully booked. But having heard wonderful things about it, we decided F & M was a suitable replacement. And it was!

We begun with gorgeous little pots of Fortnum’s famous tea, in my case, Earl Grey.

It was so delicious, I topped it up with water so many times it went all thin and tasteless towards the end. And I got a headache from all the Bergamot. I didn’t care!

This was swiftly followed by a (very dishy!) waiter, bearing a tiered plate filled with delicious cakes, scones and nibbles. I forgot to take a picture before we began demolishing ours … so here’s a picture of the table next to ours’! 😀

I picked a fresh raspberry tartlet and a profiterole. Both were divine!

All in all, it was a fantastic day out, and though one tea cost as much as my weekly food bill, I hope to go again some time! Some pictures of my beautiful friend, her sister, and of course, me!

Om, and indeed, nom.

Last weekend also saw the nuptials of another of my very good friends, Stacey. She looked beautiful and the reception place was wonderfully stylish. I needn’t say more really, as the pictures speak for themselves. The theme was birds, sunflowers and gingham! Enjoy!

The bride and groom

Stacey’s amazing hand-made cake toppers

Finally, I made a little friend. He matched my Whirling Turban dress beautifully! hehehe


Miriam Parkman

Wow, thanks to Betty Lou I just discovered your blog, and I’m truly amazed!
You are really beautiful and very inspiring:)

The tea-afternoon looks perefectly delicate, and not only the cakes made me drool, porcelain lover as I am! The whole thing looks exactly what you should do once in a while, to put an golden edge to the ordinary days.

Super Kawaii Mama

Your tea looks divine, I can’t believe they just kept adding water and not brewing fresh tea for you though. Was it really that expensive? The china is gorgeous and the cakes delectable. I love you little blue bird friend too, he makes a nice change to a regular corsage.

Fleur de Guerre

Betty Lou: I know, wasn’t it all fabulous! It was a tasty cake too! 😀

Miriam: Thank you! I think afternoon tea like that is the most perfect treat for a birthday.

SKM: It cost £30, and though they kept offering more scones they didn’t offer any more tea and we were too shy to ask! Silly really.


I like that you all still wear morning coats at weddings! I plan to do the same for mine… when and if it happens.

That tea place sounds very nice.


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