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Move over Rita!

I have a new idol. And, in fact, a huge girl crush. On the stunningly beautiful and downright awesome Virginia O’Brien, whose nicknames included “Miss Deadpan” and “Frozen Face” due to her unique and unusual singing style. Now I won’t regale you with any more facts, because everything I know about her has been gleaned off that Wikipedia page – I literally discovered her this afternoon. But I plan on doing some more research! All I will say is that she is really not as famous as she should be. She was just so gorgeous and oh, her outfits!

Check out this terrible screen-grab I did earlier.

Oh, the hair!

Now, I fully intend to copy her exact hairdo tonight! It’s very Vivien Leigh, and I have tried it before, but not hard enough!

I spent some time this evening watching videos on Youtube. This one is particularly awesome!

I found a nice screengrab showing her top and hair:

Oh, the sleeves!

The sleeves! The shoulder pads! Fabulous. (The same photostream also contains a treasure trove of other screenshots! Check out Lucille Ball here!)

Who said redheads can't wear red!

Anyway, here are a few more fab videos. T

This one is where the first shot is from:

This one is funny, plus more great hair!

Finally, embedding is disabled on this one, but it shows that she wasn’t always Miss Deadpan!

A couple more before I retire!

So beautifulSo beautiful



Ahhhhhhhh that is who you remind me of…you're practically a double for Miss Virginia O'Brien!

Peace 🙂


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