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Fashion shows galore!

I just looked at my blog and realised it’s been over a week since I updated! I could have sworn it was just a few days ago … oh dear. Is this a sign of getting old? Hehe

So, last weekend, I took part in a fashion show at the I Knit Day at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London.It was a pleasure to meet the lady who wrote A Stitch In Time back in the 1970s, Jane Waller, and to see Susan Crawford again, who is responsible for republishing it. And oh, the garments! They were just divine! Susan’s husband was taking official photographs, which will no doubt be posted up soon, but I found these on KayB Knits blog, so here’s a taster. Thanks so much to her for letting me use them.

Not the best shot of me, but fab of the other two ladies! The lady is the middle is the wonderful Theodora of the Shellac Sisters, and the girl on the right is Susan’s daughter Charlotte.

Can you believe Theo knitted that fantastic dress herself? Man, I need to learn to knit … not least because I get a free copy of the book for being a model in it! ☺

Stay tuned for more photos of droolworthy vintage knits!

I get a lot of people asking me where I get my 40s style trousers. Being a tall girl (5’11”), I unfortunately can’t turn to the usual source of reproduction vintage pants and overalls, Vivien of Holloway, because even her longer length versions are too short for me. So I buy mine from a very lovely lady called Shona, who hails from NZ, but who can usually be found selling her designs at rock n roll events throughout the UK. Though she doesn’t do custom sizing per se, what she does do is hem them to the right length for you (in my case sometimes actually adding fabric on the bottom!) and she can also adjust the waistline for you. I can’t recommend her and her clothes highly enough. Here’s a pic (I have posted this on here before so apologies if you’ve seen it already!) of my in my favourite green pair:

She’s got tons of fantastic colours in at the moment, so if anyone is looking for a new pair of pants (or two!) please do get in touch with her – shona.van.beers@gmail.com or 07985040299.

Tonight I am off to the What Katie Did ‘Glimpse Of Stocking’ Lingerie Show, to mark the launch of their AW08 collection. It’s bound to be super glam and I am wearing my awesome new blouse from Big Beautiful Barbara Brown for the first time. I can’t wait!

Have a good weekend, all!


Betty Lou

love the sweaters. i whish that i could knit

i love those pants. may i ask how much they cost?

i'm off to London soon (23 sept.) and i can't wait! gonna swing by wkd. Do you have any tips on where i could find nice vintage clothes? 40's & 50's.


The sweaters are so gorgeous! I really need to find me some 1940’s style knit patterns and start practising, right now it’s just hats and mittens getting done 🙂


I´m a long time lurker on your blog and I just had some palpitations from these gorgeous sweaters.
You are stunningly beautiful and photograph so well.
Thank you for this blog!

* walks off chanting must- knit- dress. Must- knit- dress. *

Fleur de Guerre

michellionaire: met too! 😀

Betty Lou: There's a lovely shop in Waterloo called Radio Days that is worth checking out, and several vintage shops in Brick Lane and in Covent Garden. I can't really recommend any of them personally as I never buy vintage in the UK! It's so expensive!

cat: Do get in touch with Shona if you fancy a pair of pants! They are all made in NZ too!

Ruby: Yippee!

aleni & weirdrockstar: they are ace aren't they!


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