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Ah go on then…

Have a couple more! I was going to wait until I had a load and then update my site and direct everyone to there … but I am just so over the moon with these. I am a lucky girl to work with such a marvellous photographer.

You can also read an interview with me in issue 5 of 21st Century Pinups magazine, which came out today!


fröken lila

now i think i have been reading your blog for a while and never said anything though i do like it so very much.
i just saw that one of your pictures from “loulou loves you” is featured on ranna’s blog “only shallow”, and i took the freedom to comment on it with a link to your blog. i do hope that’s ok with you?


Oh my, I love these shots so much, particularly the ones by the beach. She really must be an incredible photographer…. and ou look lovely, I’m glad you remembered those ear plugs!

The Paper Doll

These are beautiful – i was just wondering whether you could recommend any good books on 30’s-50’s style? Clothing, hair and make up? Or even any good websites? Thanks 🙂


Hi! I must say that you look amazing. I have a big favor to ask of you. Would you mind sharing some of the brands and shades of red lipstick you use? I have very pale skin like you and I’m on the hunt for a perfect vintage red. Thanks!

Fleur de Guerre

froken lila: Thank you for telling me, and of course it was ok!

thevintageyear: thank you, oh she is!

weirdrockstar: thank you 🙂

paper doll: there are some fab books on Amazon that detail the popular clothes of the time. Look up the Sears catalogue books, they range from the 20s to the present day I think. There are other ones on there too like ‘The 1940s Look’ but I don’t kniow of others that deal with the 30s or 50s. Join up to sites like The Fedora Lounge online, they are a mine of info! Also http://www.miss-vintage.com I think it is.

readindiecherry: My favourites are all by Mac: Russian Red and Ruby woo for bright blue reds and Viva Glam I for a darker tone. I also like Brickola for an every day red shade that I wear to work. Hope that helps, let me know!

Rachel: They are indeed Keds! I got them for the bargainous price of £15 in the sale! 😀

jannkie, sarah d, cat, photographica and miss vintage love: Thank you all for being such dolls!

Danielle McCann Photography

Hey! I’m a photographer in Alabama, venturing to do a vintage pin-up shoot of one of my friends for her boyfriend who just joined the Air Force. Any tips for the shoot would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Your work is beautiful!


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