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Home sweet home

I’m back from my ten day adventure in the Colonies! Did you miss me? I know my kitties did, they’ve hardly left me alone since I’ve been home, bless them. So I’m back to a mountain of washing, a mountain of work and rather a lot of cleaning to boot. But luckily no jetlag to speak of, thanks to British Airways and its half full jumbo jet, allowing me to get some decent sleep for once.

My holiday was a combination of two extremes, in terms of events, activities…and weather! It got off to a bad start on our arrival at Dallas Ft. Worth, where we had a 4 hour layover before going on to Reno. It was lucky we had 4 hours, because just as we joined the queue at immigration, the entire computer system went down, and we were left languishing in that queue for over an hour and a half. No one even apologised or kept us apprised of what was going on, in stark contrast to the usual friendliness I associate with Americans…except for border control staff, so I’m not sure why I was so surprised. Either way, it was not what one needs after an 8 hour flight with another 4 hour one ahead.

The next thing to go wrong was having a lady tell us on the plane to Reno that it was due to snow the next day. Well, great! Served us right for not checking the weather forecast and just thinking, ‘Oh, it’s the desert, it’s bound to be hot!’. And snow it did…I had no coat and my poor mum had no trousers or closed shoes, so we went off to Target to buy cheap jeans, cardigans and socks! The rest of the trip and the conference went well though, and the trip to Pyramid Lake was particularly spectacular. I will post some photos I took as soon as I have uploaded them.

Arizona, in contrast was boiling hot, and so relaxing. We stayed in the Hilton, who looked after us so well, and I met up with some wonderful girls I know through various forums including The Fedora Lounge, who took me vintage shopping and out to see a band. Here we are in Hollywood Regency, where I bought a lovely 60s handbag and a stunning red 40s jacket.

L-r: RedHotRidingHood, Lolita Haze, Pink and me in my prized NOS Swirl dress.

Hopefully I’ll have more to post later when another girl uploads her photos.
It was wonderful to meet the ladies pictured, and I also had the pleasure of meeting Miss Amanda Lee, aka Jitterbug Doll, though sadly we didn’t get a picture together. Sad face.

I also have a lovely dress waiting for me at the post office.
Although the rotters have charged me £11 (and didn’t say that on the card, so I’ve already left once empty handed) even though the blasted thing cost only £1 more than the minimum amount. Well I have dodged fees on many things so I have to be caught out sometime, better to do so on something cheap! If it’s clean, I shall wear it on Halloween, with black seamed fishnets and a witch’s hat. What are you dressing as?


Betty Lou

oh i missed you!

You're all so lovely. I have never seen RedHotRidingHood & Lolita Haze on a pic together, my good they look like sisters! And Amanda Lee is also a favourite of mine. Her hair is always so perfect, (yours too and redhot and Lolita also).

a cat of impossible colour

Yay, glad you’re back. I missed you! What a gorgeous pic of all you ladies together. Your holiday in the colonies sounds amazing (though not a patch on Blighty, I’m sure :P).

And … snow in the desert? Wow. That sounds like difficult weather for which to pack.


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