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Please vote for me!

I’m in the first ever 21st Century Pinups contest!
Sorry to one of those annoying people, but if any of you gorgeous things that read my blog happen to have a moment, would you mind awfully going here and voting for me to win in the Pinup Queen category? You don’t have to enter your email or sign up for anything, and luckily it’s not one of those ‘vote once a day’ type affairs, which drive me barmy.

You do have to vote in the other 3 categories too though, I think. There are some truly great models in my category, so I need all the help I can get! Thank you all!

In other news, I have been having a go at making my own photos look vintage. What do you think?

In other other news, my cats are annoying! Not only do they have fleas (and I’ve run out of Frontline), but they will NOT keep their collars on. I bought them both a new one yesterday, a new stretchy but buckled type (the snap away ones just, well, snap away!) and new ID tags, and when I woke up, one had lost his, and by the time I’d finished my breakfast, so had the other! Furry little blighters!

I have some more shoot pictures and some recent purchases to post, so please check back soon!


Mademoiselle Robot

I voted for you, precious! For your cats, to get rid of fleas, I recommend Frontline little drops to put on the scruff of their neck, better than collars and they can’t get it off 🙂 x

Fleur de Guerre

Thanks Ladies!

Alex: They’re not, I think I will get them chipped when I take them in for their yearly jabs in December.

Mlle R: I annoyingly ran out of Frontline a few months ago, and should’ve have the foresight to buy more as the fleas always come out at this time of year. I don’t use flea collars though as they are horrible for cats’ skin, but as the boys are black I like them to have reflective normal ones. But I’ve tried so many types and none will stay on…I’m convinced they help each other get them off.

a cat of impossible colour

I voted! 🙂 Good luck!

Your cats are gorgeous. I have a black cat too. I have a theory that black cats are more headstrong than other cats, but it isn’t backed up by anything other than anecdotal evidence.

The Paper Doll

Oh but they are just so cute, I have a little black bundle of fur too, but she seems to be turning slightly brown around the edges – her summer coat perhaps? I’ll most definetly make my way over and vote for you!! Good luck 🙂


stop the frontline! there is an easier, CHEAPER, and extremely less toxic way to get rid of fleas and prevent them! it is called garlic, and you must start slowly (their bodies are very small, so a tiny piece for you is a very big piece for them) then you gradually work your way up. the oil will be excreted to the surface of their skin and the fleas will die and never come back. plus garlic boots the immune system and prevents parasite infection (esp worms).

here is what dr marty goldstein (http://www.drmarty.com/ …renowned veterinarian, known for his cancer clinic and celebrity clients). here is an excerpt from his book:

“in all cases, i recommend two natural substances: garlic and brewer’s yeast. both exude odors or tastes that discourage fleas. and garlic is as close to a panacea as a natural product one can get. grate or chop a [half of clove for each 10 pounds of pet] into each meal, both to combat fleas and for general health and longevity. add a tablespoon of brewer’s yeast (half a tablespoon for small dogs and cats). every day or two, also sprinkle brewer’s yeast on you pet’s coat, working it in with your hands. be sure to get him out of the house at that point, since the fleas may desert him.”

hope this helps. please research more and start very slowly with your little kitties. make sure it is a consistent addition to their meal, so the fleas will def stay away! their health will strengthen and your bills will go down.


Fleur de Guerre

Thanks for the kind advice Melissa, but I would never give my cats garlic, it’s highly toxic for cats! Also, they would never eat raw garlic, I couldn’t disguise it in their (high quality) dry food so it’s not even an option. Thanks though 🙂


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