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Tired but happy

This weekend was an adventure alright! Up at dark o’clock and on the train to Wales, where it was raining cats, dogs and elephants all day. But Rebecca Parker was an absolutely perfect hostess and I had a simply wonderful day in her studio. Back to my B&B and I discovered the pub it’s attached to was having a karaoke party. Thank heavens for ear plugs! One sleep and a full-english later, I was on the beach with Rebecca in the gorgeous sunshine. It couldn’t have been more different to the day before.

She’s lightening-fast and has sent me two incredible shots already, one from each day. I am so, so pleased with them.

I love this suit!

Click to see them bigger!

If I’m not making much sense, it’s because I am feeling completely zombie-fied and have so very much to do before I go away, including washing, cleaning, going to the library, getting currency, packing of course… and finding my passport would probably be a good idea. See you on the flip-side!

PS. If you head on over to Mademoiselle Robot‘s fantastic blog, you will find 10 tips I wrote for people interested in dressing vintage, whether in part or head-to-toe like me. I hope they are of interest to someone … I’ll be republishing them on my blog at some point!



I have to second Mademoiselle Robot’s comment!

The backdrop to that second pic is stunning as well – what a beautiful spot.


Wow, I just ended up randomly at your blog and seriously, you're one of the most gorgeous persons I've ever seen <3


Gorgeous photos both. Especially i like the first one. It is like a promotional shoot of old Hollywood movie where this beautiful air stewardess falls in love with millionair she thinks is just every-day-jock.

Betty Lou

You are so beautiful, and that beach looks nice, probably cold but still. Found the tips via Casey, great! I always get a bit annoyed when people say things like 60’s and 70’s! One guy asked me if i had some sort of fetisch. I had my hair in rolls and pincurls and a nice Pendleton jacket on, i don’t know what he meant by that

Fleur de Guerre

Mlle. Robot, aw shucks! It’s all photoshop 😉

shannon: I know, we so lucked out on the weather too. It was windy but not in that little nook!

Sandra: Naw..you’re making me blush!

Rhia: Thank you…now to find that millionaire!

Betty lou: It was actually really nice when the sun was out, and I am usually always cold! There is such a huge overlap of fetish and vintage sadly. I went to a 40s/50s music club recently and a man tried to lick my shoe! Yuk!


I just found your blog. You are one stunning lady! Even though I no longer wear head to toe vintage, I love the look. You have a new fan.


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