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Merry Christmas!

It seems the gap between my blogs has been getting bigger, the closer it’s been getting to Christmas! I’ll be back to my regular updating in 2009, but in the mean time, hope everyone who reads my blog has a fantastic and stylish Christmas and New Year.

Here are some festive photos to top off 2008: my Christmas tree, and me at my swing class and office Christmas parties. The latter had a James Bond theme, so I wore my Whirling Turban dress, again. Got good value out of that outfit, I have! 😀

Happy holidays!



How have I never linked your blog before now!?!? I LOVE your fashion and am a complete vintage fan. I wish I could pull off the looks you do!

Miss Tayva

Happy new year!
I love that dress. Been wanting one from her since before Whirling Turban actually took off… can never find a fabric I like, though!

Daffodils In March

Happy new year! And at the risk of sounding crazy… I think you were on the same train as me in to Waterloo this morning! Arriving about 9.20ish? If so, I was the girl in the beige coat staring at you and trying to brave enough to say hello…!

Robby Cress

The swing dancing looks like so much fun. I know the swing basics and my fiance is interested in taking lessons. I can’t wait to be able to go out together dressed to the nines 🙂 I’m always impressed with that dress retro with all the right details!


Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to you Fleur! Hope it will be smashing!

Going to try something a little different for the upcoming year. I will be trying to wear 50's styled clothing, and accessories. Completely converting to a gluten-free diet, and be a better homemaker than I am now.

Hoping the best for you and the Mafia this year. I love your blogs. The fashions are wonderful.



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