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Action stations!

Last Saturday night, as mentioned in my previous entry, I was whisked back in time to the dark days of 1941 (and indeed to the dark alleys of Shoreditch) for the Blitz party. Held under railway arches, in a venue lovingly made up to look like an air-raid shelter, this was the first in a series of 1940s soirées brought to us by the good people at Bourne and Hollingsworth and The Chap Magazine. And long may they continue!

After spending the afternoon kicking tires at the Mini dealers in Park Lane, I whizzed back to Lancaster Gate to re-curl my hair, re-roll my faux bangs and attach my false eyelashes. Then we set off to the wilds of the East End. My chap and I were greeted outside by the inestimable Atters, who was smoking a cigar and looking as rakish as ever. He bestowed a whiskery kiss upon me, and in we went.

The Venue

Everything about the decor was spot on, from the impeccably costumed girls on the door, to the union jacks, ration books and sandbags dotted about the place. After saying hello to the editor of the Chap, Mr Gustav Temple, we spotted our group of friends propping up the sandbags in the corner, then went to peruse the drinks menu. Presented in the form of a ration book, it featured wartime themed drinks like Spitfire Ale and gin fizzes. The rest of the night was spent catching up with other vintage-minded friends, a spot of swing dancing (sadly for me, the event was so well-attended that there really wasn’t room for proper dancing, so it was a very small spot!), minor celebrity sightings (I was about to go and say hello to a girl I recognised, until I realised she plays a character in Hollyoaks!) and being complimented on my hairdo by an array of nattily dressed young ladies, who couldn’t quite believe that I dressed in a 40s style every day!

The Crowd

It was wonderful to see the effort that had been put into outfits for the occasion. There were people in everything, from American GIs and RAF airmen, glamorous vintage vamps and be-turbanned washerwomen, zombie airmen, chaps in three-piece suits and hats, camp vintage sailors, WRENS, vixens in fur stoles and bombshell pin-up girls. I was very pleased to see an abundance of seamed stockings in evidence!

The Music

There was era-appropriate music provided by the always-dapper Johnny Vercoutre and the downright stunning Theodora (below, who modelled with me for A Stitch In Time), as well as a great singer and a girl-fronted group called Twin and Tonic, who were really very good. Though I did hear what sounded suspiciously like the strains of an Amy Winehouse song drifting from the main room at one point! There were vintage films projected onto walls, which added to the great ambiance. Luckily the organisers stopped short of adding in period-correct bomb sounds!

The Verdict

Thanks to the thought that went in to all aspects of the evening and the effort gone to by the promoters and the attendees alike, it was all jolly good fun, and I will most certainly be attending the next one. Hope to see you all there!

Here are a few more daguerrotypes of my lot for your perusal!

Toodle pip for now!

Fleur xx



I’m so jelous that we don’t have more things like this in America! I’d make us go broke attending every one of them! ;0) Looks like you had fun, and you looked beautiful.

The Vintage Housewife...

oooh kitten first let me say your suit is 2 die for…loved the hair and oooh honey your jent looked smashing…i loved the darlin in the polka dot 40’s dress and the evening looked dreamy…we go to a place here in california that is a 20’s 30’s and 40’s venue…the kittens are adorable as well…the cicada club…google it…cat


That looks like a wonderful event. I’m so jealous! And kudos to folks for putting in the effort. Looked like everyone stuck to period-style.


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