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Bits and bobs

Apologies for the long absence, time is really seeming to pass me by at the moment, plus nothing particularly exciting has happened. I had a wonderful Valentines with my gorgeous man, he bought me a dozen red roses, then, while out and about, he decided to surprise me by getting me an iPod Nano. Red, to match my lips! I’ve never had an iPod before, and have been enjoying loading it with all my favourite music, everything from 30s dance band stuff to drum and bass! I can also now watch The Wire on the train to work, what could be better!

Unfortunately, he jetted off to New York at 6am that Sunday morning, and has been there ever since. I miss him terribly, but he has called me almost every day.
Continuing the Valentines theme (should’ve done this last week shouldn’t I?!), I also appeared in the Whirling Turban email sent out on the day!

They spelt my URL slightly wrong, but the name is right so hopefully people found me, if they were interested.

I got another picture through from Matt Frederick – there is still one more to come, so stay tuned!

Finally, I am modelling at the IFB / Mademoiselle Robot-organised Dress Up Soirée tonight, so if you are going, please do come and say hello.



What a cute picture of you and your beau at the party!

He got you roses and an iPod Nano? He’s a keeper!

Have you seen Katy Perry’s Thinking of You music video? I’m sure you have. I was wondering what your thoughts on it were.


Lovely photos! The noir one is my favorite. That turban dress is wonderful, too. Although I don’t think it would look as good on me as it does on you! 🙂


Lovley pictures. I so wish I could have gone to the dress up soiree… but I only clicked it was last week, well, last week! Such a shame! Hopefully there will be another one one day!


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