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Snow day!

Thanks to the heaviest snow fall in over two decades here in the UK, I’m stuck working from home today. I feel sorry for the cats and hope they don’t need to go to the loo, outside my back door there is a set of cat prints going about 2 foot into the snow and coming straight back in! It made me chuckle.

Here’s the view from my front door:

My poor little Ford Ka!

And the back door!

A few new pictures to show off!
This one was taken on Saturday night. I’ve dyed my hair darker! What do you think?

I have a couple of new(ish) modelling shots to show off as well. This is the latest in the Noir style ones I did before Christmas. It’s in the style of a pulp fiction cover! I’m not very happy with my hair in this one, though the concept is ace! Thanks again to Matt Frederick for this.

Then, there are several more from my shoot with Tony Nylons at Rhythm Riot. All the trousers (and the non-sweater tops)in these shots are by Shona van Beers, soon to be available from her new line, called Heyday. Stay tuned for more info on that! The knitted sweaters and gorgeous wedges are by Rocket Originals. All of it is absolutely stunning and comes highly recommended!

That’s it for now, stay tuned for me showing off my latest vintage buys 🙂

Fleur xx


Betty Lou

i love snow! too bad stockholm don’t get so much.

i think you look great in your new darker hair! you always look great! and i really need some pants from the Heyday-collection.


These photos are terrific! I especially like the noir-inspired one. I’m trying to save up to get some of those lovely Rocket shoes. And your clothes are always so amazing!

Miss Tayva

The snow… it’s like that all over Europe! My hunny is trying to get home from Spain today, and I don’t think it’s going to happen. All the airports seem to be closed!

I’m due to turn up over there very soon… I hope it all clears up by then. I’m not prepared to deal with SNOW. Yuck!


It’s a crazy winter if even you folks in England have a blizzard! We’ve been pummeled with snow for the past couple months here in New England.

Great new photographs! Especially of you and your beau. 😉

Helen Highwater

The noir pic is fabulous! Mmm… like the clothes too. My 3rd pair of Rocket Originals wedges are on their way to me – those lovely new red and cream ones. They go up to a 9, so that’s me sorted!


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