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All new weddings-a-go-go

Well, following my epic 8 (I think … I lost count) weddings last year, the new year of nuptials has begun in earnest with me attending no less than two last weekend. I think it’s just that I am ‘that age’, with my girlfriends from my college and university days all marrying the partners they’ve been with for 4, 5 or 6 years. I find all the weddings I attend very emotional for several reasons. It’s wonderful to see my friends so happy, with men who clearly love them dearly (the groom on Friday was trying, and mostly failing, to contain his emotion during the ceremony and the speeches, it was adorable. *sniff* ) but it’s also hard to see so many leaving their earlier lives behind and entering this new stage; I can’t help but feel slightly bereft. But the joy far outweighs any other feelings, not to mention the tasty grub and free-flowing booze that invariably accompanies such events! And of course, I get to dress up!

I went with a black, white and red theme on the Friday, not too much of any one of those colours (which, as we know, can be frowned on at a wedding. Not so much these days of course!)

I wore a dress dating from 1946 with an early 40s red jacket over the top (I wore a red pashmina wrap thingy when inside), complete with red bakelite cherries brooch and red Rocket Originals wedges and nude seamed stockings. I did take a full-length shot and have cleverly forgotten to upload it to Flickr, so I will update this post when I have done so. But you can see my whole dress in this shot of the Bride and Groom… in which I was caught unawares!

I was wearing matching red bakelite screw-back earrings when the day started, but an over-effusive cheek kiss with an old friend caused one to break apart and almost fly into my glass of bubbly! Well actually, it was orange juice since I was driving. Luckily I had another pair in my handbag. Always prepared for vintage mishaps, me! Haha.

The second wedding, I wore the same jacket, shoes, and in fact hair, but wore a light turquoise vintage blouse and cream trousers. Hopefully some pictures will emerge, but I’ve not seen any yet. You’ll have to use your imaginations!

I’ve bought a couple of new vintage dresses recently, both by my absolutely favourite brand, Swirl. If you have never heard of Swirls, have a read of this very informative article by the VFG’s Fuzzy Lizzie about them. I now have 5 including the two on their way to me. The first of the two is pink and looks similar to the pink gingham one in the article, except solid. Sadly the seller has deleted the pics already so I can’t show you. However it was a super bargain due to it being slightly discoloured, hopefully nothing a soak in Oxy Clean won’t fix. The second is this one:

I love the autumnal colours! I think I will wear it with a new pair of wedges from Rocket Originals that I have my eye on. The Connie in green:

The green isn’t a perfect match onscreen, but the reality might be different. We shall see. What do you think?

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Fleur xx

PS. Don’t forget this Saturday is the next instalment of the fantastic Blitz Party. I wish I could make it, but if you go, let me know how it was! F



Gosh! You are so beautiful! I love your style, originality and chic 🙂
I admire your consequence in outfits.


Gorgeous outfit and I am so impressed by you having a spare earrings for emergencies. That is so ladylike! And I thought I was very grown up for having half a packet of Handy Andies…

Shrinky Inky

You look lovely and red and black are my personal favorite color combo!

How do you like those Rocket Original shoes? I just picked up my first RO Sweater and love it very much, I hope they get more stock sometime, but I was eyeballing their shoes – they have great styles!

The Vintage Housewife...

ekkkkkk! did i hear you say swirl! omg…they are my very favorite dresses…they make me sooo happy! the fit,the play-full-ness…oh and the sass-a-tude when i wear one…i love yours the colors are great! love your rocket wedges the connie in green is awesome!…i just ordered the red you had on at the wedding…by the way you look sooo elegante!!!!! thanks for the moxie comment…i love them…happ-y-ness…in a sweet lil’ box…hee hee…have a rocken day…can’t wait to see more fashion…cat

Lolita Haze

I am te jealous of your wedding attendences. I haven’t been to a wedding in 8 years or so. Makes me sad… none of my friends are getting married. No one I know well enough to either attend or be in the ceremony with.

Vintage Angel

That black and white dress is beautiful! Did you wear crinoline underneath? Or is it just a full circle dress?

I want to go to wedding so badly, unfortunately all I get are baby showers and circumcisions…

Fleur de Guerre

Thank you all so much for your kind words!

Inky: the Rocket shoes are just so amazingly comfy. Their sweaters are great too aren’t they?

Lolita: You’re welcome to come and replace me in some of mine – I’m getting fed up of them all! 😉 It’s because I am always on my own, I think.

Rascal: No luck yet, but I do need to get a new one as my existing white wicker bag is getting a bit worn 🙁

Angel: I didn’t wear a crinoline, and it’s not quite a full circle, more like 2/3 or so. Though I do have some big poofy crinolines, this one being mid-40s it was more accurate to leave one out!


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