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Affordable Vintage Fashion

Afternoon all!

I just wanted to let all you Londoners (who don’t already!) know about the first ever London edition of the Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair, which is taking place this Saturday from 11am at the Fym Fyg Bar, Bethnal Green.

I was asked by the great gals over at Queens of Vintage if I would come and spend some time at their vintage dressing room inspired stall, and of course I jumped at the chance! I will be on hand from about 12pm for tips on anything from vintage hair-styling, to bargain hunting. You can have your hair and makeup done by their stylist and even have your photo taken by a professional photographer. Who knows, you could even be appearing on the site as their next ‘Vintage Queen’, so please do stop by and say hello.

There are tons of other fantastic things to see and do at the fair, including eating delicious cakes at the Lady Luck Pop-up Tea Shoppe. Can’t wait. See you there!

Fleur xx


Sapphire Island

whoo! you’re going to be there! I’m working on the Lady Luck Pop Up Tea Shoppe as the 1940s girl – can’t wait to see what I’ll be wearing.

see you on saturday then!


Thanks for letting everyone know!

I compiled a list of vintage must-haves – do check it out and add your thoughts. Would love to hear from a vintage expert like you.

Thanks and much love

Fleur de Guerre

Cathy: Thank you! And thank you for posting so I came across your own blog, have added you to my reader as you have some wonderful outfits!

Sapphire: YAY! I was reading the blurb for the Tea Shoppe and wondering who the 40s waitress would be, thinking’I hope it’s someone cool and stylish’ and IT IS! See you there. :)))

Silkfair: I clicked on you but your profil isn’t available or something? I want to read your list!!


I am so jealous! I love this fair more than any others (got some amazing clothes in the notingham one!), and now there are makeovers and all. No fair (no pun intended!)!!


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