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I say!

What ho, everyone! Sorry for my slight break, I have been on an InDesign training course, and still have one more afternoon to go. I’m so glad that my workplace have decided to enter the present (unlike me!) and start using InDesign instead of horrid, outdated and unreliable QuarkXpress, which crashes 7 times a day and makes you lose all your work. Gah!

I’m hoping to have time to do a V.I. Buys tomorrow, but if not it’ll be Sunday. In the meantime, here are some more photos from my Chap Magazine shoot. I got my comp copies yesterday, hurrah! Here is the whole photostory for your viewing pleasure.

Click each one to read the amusing text!

I was horribly ill at the time of the shoot, I hope it doesn’t show. Anyway! Back tomorrow hopefully.

Pip pip!

Fleur xx



I love you blog, and your pictures as well. It’s all quite lovely. I’m always trying to look for cute, vintage clothes, and you pull it off so well. The 40s were such an excellent era.

5ft Inf

Those pictures are brilliant…and you look fantastic; not ill at all!
And they’re also very funny…
I went to see the stage version of ‘Brief Encounter’ yesterday as a friend was in it, and was SO jelous of the vintage costumes, and the whole show was a complete vintage treat;amazing. If you havn’t seen it, I think you’d love it!
x Philippa

esme and the lane way

Oh, fantastic! I love the chap, but reading it makes me horrendously home sick and happy at the same time. How good did th tweed bike ride look!

And you look fantastic, not sick at all! Great pics!


What a fun story line! I don’t know how you could bear to give those diamonds back afterwards. For £12000 you could probably buy half of my house at the moment…


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