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The joys of spring

Self portrait
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… I am full of ’em! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend? I did, in fact, it was the best I’ve had in ages and not even Monday morning can dampen my spirits.

On Friday night, I finally went to see Watchmen. As a huge comics nerd I’ve read the graphic novel several times, and was looking forward to the film for a really long time. It only took me so long to go and see it as my boyfriend inconsiderately went to see it in New York, in IMAX, and didn’t think it was that amazing, so I had to practically beg him to see it again with me. I could have gone on my own, but I never have time in the week and I’m with him at weekends, so tough luck for him, heehee! I have to say, that apart from the very cringey sex scene between Nite Owl and Silk Spectre, I really enjoyed it! I thought it was very faithful to the original material and liked what they did with the end more than the end of the book. Blasphemous perhaps, but never mind.

Saturday saw me at the Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair as mentioned in my last blog, helping out at the Queens of Vintage stand. I went with the aim of just being on hand for vintage styling tips, but ended up doing some styling myself! I’ve only done hair on one other person before, so I was really nervous, but the girls seemed pleased, and that’s what counts right?

I’d certainly never attempted short hair, but the adorable Norwegian girl Henrietta (in the last one) luckily loved the result!

One of the most gorgeous gals I know, Lisa was there, with absolutely no need to be made over! She was crowned a ‘Queen of Vintage’ by the girls, never has a title been more deserved! Do head on over to the Queens of Vintage site for more photos, all taken by the talented Katy Chan.

I also spent a while in a beautifully sunny park, being interviewed by the super sweet Kitty Killer for a piece she’s doing, which was my first ever proper interview. I think I gabbled on rather too much, but hopefully that was help rather than hinderence – I’m sure it’s best to have too much material than too little. Keep an eye on her blog for the interview to go up there.

Saturday night, I went for dinner with my lovely man to Sophie’s Steakhouse and had a delicious chateaubriand, then off to see some friends at the Phoenix Artist Club. Sunday consisted of watching the Grand Prix, brunch at a cafΓ© in Knightsbridge, and a leisurely drive back to … er … play Fallout 3 all afternoon! How civilised, haha. We also discovered the fabulous and very retro Cupcake Emporium, which has recently opened a stone’s throw from my chap’s place. We actually went in there for brunch, but didn’t realise they literally only served cupcakes and a small selection of sandwiches – fantastic for afternoon tea, but not so much for brunch so we went elsewhere. I hope to go back and sample their delicious looking cakes.

So that was my weekend. My good mood was compounded when I woke up this morning to discover I had won yet another Swirl dress – the very last of this particular Swirl binge, I promise. This one is rather special as it’s a very early one. It’s a ‘Ty-Wrap by Swirl’, which, according to the previously linked and excellent article by Fuzzy Lizzie is a 1940s one, being the same in cut and style as the one at the top. It was listed as 50s on eBay, and shown with a crinoline in the main gallery picture. And, well, it’s a little loud for some perhaps, which is why it was such a bargain! But I love it – can’t wait to get it. I am hoping it doesn’t go wandering like the gorgeous black velvet suit I got from Violetville Vintage (a few posts back), which has never arrived. Gutted is an understatement. Luckily the fact that this Swirl was a total bargain (unlike the suit which was a total investment *sniff*) means probably no customs, so fingers crossed for speedy delivery.

That’s all from me for today, except to say that I’ll be back soon to post my very first ever magazine cover picture, and to bring you information about a new weekly feature I’m going to be doing here at Diary Of A Vintage Girl, in an effort to make this blog even more helpful and informative for vintage fashion devotees. Hope you all enjoy your start to the week.

Pip pip!

Fleur xx

PS. Yay spring! Photo is by Kitty Killer.

My fair outfit:
Blouse, wicker handbag and jacket (on the ground) – vintage, Trousers – Heyday!, Shoes – Rocket Originals


Atomic Mama

I am so happy for spring!

your blouse looks just darling. I love that colour. I have a similar one in white, but I love it in that colour! Splendid!


Fleur if all your vintage stuff is
classified as pre worn clothing by the seller on the customs labels there are no customs charges on used clothing, just don’t use words like antique or vintage. Simple pre worn clothing πŸ˜‰

Lovel swirl BTW

Fleur de Guerre

Thanks AM!

I fixed the link Betty Lou – ta for informing me πŸ™‚

Miss M: oh I cottoned onto that one years ago πŸ˜‰ unfortunately no one seems to have informed the customs people as if it’s expensive it can still get a charge even if marked ‘used’ or ‘pre worn’.


Oh really hehehehe!

Sorry you get charged, but the rules say if it’s used you shouldn’t get a fee even if it’s an expensive item.


The Vintage Housewife...

oh what beauty!! you look wonderful in your happy swirl dress! i am so giddy that there is another swirl lover…those are my happy dresses…you wrote about the colors…oooh they just scream fun!!!! love it doll!!! great photo and hair styles! cat~


I LOVE the short style in the last photo! I have shorter hair and I’ve been dying to try something like this. The photo makes me feel a bit more confident about giving it a go!


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