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My weekend in pictures

It’s been a busy old weekend for me, and with one more glorious day of nothing (except, unfortunately, for the pressing need to tackle the jungle in my back garden and fight it back into something resembling a lawn) stretching out ahead of me, I thought I would present my weekend’s pictures to you all.

1. white choc o’plenty 2. flour power, 3. spring daffodils 4. the finished products 5. easter roast 6. easter outfit two 7. inigo montoya 8. the divine Miss Vicky Butterfly 9. you killed my father…

I spent most of Friday baking, before settling down to watch the new episode of Red Dwarf in the evening, which I enjoyed, but not as much as the older episodes shown after. Then Saturday I went off to my parents’ house for a huge roast turkey dinner, followed by the Christmas pudding we couldn’t quite manage at Christmas! The baked goods went down well, and I was sent home with a Lindt bunny, which was instantly devoured. I was regretting wearing my very fitted repro 40s overalls and ended up having to undo the waist button to drive back, heehee!

Here is the outfit I wore, as taken by my Dad.

my 1940s factory girl get up!

Overalls were custom-made for me by Trouble Mackenzie, shirt is from New Look and my co-respondant shoes were bought at Rhythm Riot 2008.

Sunday was the Burlesque Brunch, from which I expect lots of photos will be forthcoming, but you can check out the last two above for a taster. I was so nervous about the ‘live’ modelling as it’s been so long, but after I was laced into the gorgeous corsets (made by the talented Geraldine of Valkyrie) and stepped out from behind the curtain with my glamorous fellow Brunch Belle Miss Cherrylicious, my confidence returned and I shimmied my way round the room. A slap-up brunch, tea, cakes and the very unfair ‘Not Cricket’ pub quiz followed, which we (meaning my partner in crime, Torquil Arbuthnot and I) actually won, first time I have ever won a pub quiz in my life! I say ‘we’, but really Torquil got all the answers, and I correctly guessed that the song being acted out on stage was S Club 7’s ‘Reach for the Stars’….. the shame! I did win a pair of red sequin pasties though, funnily enough, Torquil didn’t want them! Then we played Orange Battle, and I made it all the way to the semi-finals before being knocked out by Torquil. Cheek! You can see him in action in the final against a mysterious Spaniard above. It was a wonderul, if tiring day.

But the best surprise of the weekend was picking up the green/brown floral Swirl dress from the post office on Saturday. Now, I’m sure my readers are getting heartily sick of me banging on about Swirls now, and I will shut up soon, I promise! But I was delighted to find that it was an absolutely brand new, perfect deadstock dress, complete with store and Swirl tags. The auction didn’t say a word about it, just that it was in ‘excellent condition’! Amazing. My holy grail!

1. "in just 25 seconds…" 2. original Swirl hang tags 3. original store tag 4. deadstock Swirl dress – pressing label

So that was my weekend. I’m so glad that my ‘V.I. Buys’ feature went down well, I will aim to do one every week from now on. Thank you everyone for being lovely! Do tell me all about your own long weekends.

Bye for now!

Fleur xx



It was such a lovely day yesterday, wasn’t it? And you and Ms Cherry looked absolutely stunning in the outfits you modelled!


Fleur de Guerre

Thanks gals!

Nicole, I do hope you enjoyed your birthday. It was lovely seeing you!

Penny, unfortunately I got it last summer! But you may be lucky, or maybe try ebay?

Punk in writing, it is super easy! I will make it my next recipe post!


Your cat is so cute! That marble cake also looks amazing, such a shame I am allergic to nuts. What do you think you could replace the peanut butter with?
Kitty x

Fleur de Guerre

Kitty, you could make it just with swirled white and dark chocolate I reckon – it’d still be really tasty!

Sapphire – it’s my favourite film ever but I only read the book last year! I am lame.

Helen Highwater

Yeah, I didn’t really get into the new Red Dwarf. Cat was awesome and funny, but Cat’s my favourite character anyway. Because let’s face it, if cats did evolve to become humanoid, it’s very likely they’d be as vain and daft as him!


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