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V.I Buys – playsuits & swimwear

The sun is out, so this week I am mostly thinking about skimpy things and swimwear! Playsuits are really all the rage at the moment, they’re absolutely everywhere. I, unfortuntaely, can’t wear off-the-peg playsuits, because I’m extremely tall, and this has translated to a longer than average torso. Something shop-bought neither looks good nor feels remotely comfortable, if you catch my meaning! But luckily salvation has come in the form of Big Beautiful Barbara Brown, a rather wonderful reproduction clothing company based here in dear old Blighty. BBBB has appeared on my blog before, but a while ago now, so I thought I’d mention it again as a wonderful source of all things retro and feminine. And she makes to measure!

This is the one I have:

(Photo by Toby Key)

But I absolutely love and covet this one too:

It would be perfect for a summer pinup shoot, surrounded by hay bales and suchlike, don’t you agree? My blouse with the duck pattern is also from her:

(Photo by Rebecca Parker)

She has an incredible choice of vintage inspired and repro dresses, as well as gorgeous separates, swimwear, evening-wear and accessories, so I advise that you all check out her site without delay!

Moving on to mainstream brands, if you, unlike me, are blessed with average proportions, a really cute playsuit can be found at Motel Rocks.

It’s very vintage inspired and has that cute sweetheart neckline and shirred back, and the print is lovely. Sigh!

And last, but by no means least, for this week of V.I buys, is this cute retro bikini from ASOS. It’s on sale, too!

Signing off, apologies for the lack of an entire outfit but nothing I found during my rather hasty researching came on a convenient white background, haha… normal service will return next week when I have more time! 😉

Fleur xx



Ooh, these are so neat! I’ve got a playsuit pattern from the 50’s I’m hoping to make up this summer. Your BBBB one with the stars is so lovely, though. I’m tempted!

The gingham/denim number is amazing, too! 🙂

I’m also tall and I know exactly what you mean about having an awful time with off the rack clothes. Jeans and slacks are getting particularly annoying right now.

Miss Tayva

I adore that first playsuit (the style of it)… ah, no way I could ever pull that off. I need underwires and stuff, and strapless bras just don’t work any more!


Lovely palysuits. I have exactly the same problem as you – I end up really uncomfortable and tied into playsuits because by torso is too long… maybe these will solve the problem for me too!

Fleur de Guerre

Thanks all!

Miss Tayva, have you tried the Goddess strapless bra? My busty friends swear by it!

Bella: I have! Funnily enough I was on the verge of doing Oli for this one, and didn’t as the stuff I liked the most was sold out, but I might feature them next time. It’s funny because it’s all the same company as Freemans, whom I used to work for – if only they’d started up Oli then, we wouldn’t have spent so long worrying about our jobs!


Stunning, what a lush colour!
I can relate to the long torso problem too, it is highly annoying as I just love vintage jumpsuits & playsuits :(…it's a real bummer especially since there is precious little you can do in ways of altering to fit!


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