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Behind the wheel

Just a quickie from me to apologise for the lack of a V.I Buys last week. I’ve been so busy at work lately. But to make up for it, how about this delightful new dress from Big Beautiful Barbara Brown? It’s only gone up today, I believe. (And the amply-proportioned mannequin is a new addition too!)

I absolutely have to get myself one, perfect for dancing and some gorgeous fabrics available.

And what about something vintage-inspired for the home? I just found this fabulous 50s style atomic hook rail at Notorious Kitsch and it’s going to go perfectly in my kitchen.

I leave you with promises of better posts soon, and the two pictures from my most recent shoot!

Click to see bigger!

Fleur xx



oh these two are soooo beautiful! wonderful photographer and you really look amazing
the colors of the dress for sale are one of my fave combos! thats a great find!

Betty Lou

my oh my, love the pics! and the car πŸ˜€

i’ve been looking at some pants at big barbara, but i think i’ll go with a pair from heyday


That dress is a winner! The little buttons on the bodice are a great touch.

Your new modeling shots are the best ever! You remind me of a Bond girl. πŸ™‚ I really like the suspender skirt. Any info on the lovely car?


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