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Champagne cocktails

My bank holiday weekend was rather eventful, to say the least. On Saturday night I donned a black cotton 50s repro frock and my red Remix platforms and trotted off to my friend and fellow pinup girl Debra Decay’s hen party. Due to being out-and-about during the day with the chap for his birthday (after the non-event that it was on the actual day – see my previous post!), I couldn’t make the day’s activities and came for the evening’s curry and drinks instead. It was all a lot of fun, and then the maid-of-honour annouced that we were needed in the upstairs bar. Well, I think we all knew what was about to transpire … and we were right! Marching in, dressed all in a white, faux captain’s uniform was a male stripper! His act proceeded in a typical fashion, getting ladies to rub baby oil on his chest, and so on. His finale was to douse himself with soapy water (whilst wrapped in a towel – he never got completely starkers) … and then it happened. I thought I had got off scot-free without his attentions, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. There I was, sipping my champagne and minding my own business, clapping when prompted and giggling at the bride-to-be’s shocked expressions, when over he marched, whipped aside his towel, and stuck his unmentionables right into my (almost full) glass of champagne!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! I have to admit, I shrieked loudly and tried to pull it away when I realised what he was about to do, spilling most of it down myself, and he got his dangly bits right in there anyway! Well, all I can say is, thank heavens I wasn’t wearing real vintage – I debated my black crepe sequinned number, which would have been absolutely ruined after that! And what a dreadful wast of bubbly!

When I posted about this harrowing event on Twitter, a few people asked me, “You didn’t drink it did you?”. Seriously? Would you?? I have no idea where he’s been! Luckily there was more champagne on hand to settle my nerves.

But, unusual swizzle sticks aside, it was a great evening. Here’s me applying my lippie after gorging on curry, with the gorgeous bride next to me:

That was before the bits-in-the-booze incident of course. Here I am in the taxi wearing my new 80s does 40s jacket, sporting a thousand-yard-stare!

Since getting that jacket, I now understand what the Fedora Lounge members mean when they talk about high armholes. I couldn’t work out what exactly was “wrong” with it until I put on my genuine 40s jacket and realised how much higher and tighter the armholes are. But it’s still a lovely jacket, and it was cheap so it’s great for everyday wear, so as not to wear out my genuine vintage.

In other news, I did a shoot on Sunday, which went brilliantly. I was posing with a Porsche 356, and did some fantastic noir-ish shots and some tongue-in-cheek pulp cover-inspired ones too, with UK TV chef Mark Baumann, who actually owns the car.

So do watch this space for some forthcoming shoot results!

All the best,

Fleur xx


Fleur de Guerre

That isn’t me in the car shot… I’m in the first two and as you can see I look rather different from the lady in the last πŸ˜‰


I am horrified for you! I don’t know how you managed through the rest of the hen party–I probably would have needed a few more glasses to calm my nerves! You looked beautiful though!


I have never heard of a stripper doing that how outrageous! I dont know what I would have done probably leave the glass attached to his goods. I am sorry about your dress and cant wait to see the pics from your shoot.



oh my word! i wouldve that slapped that guy silly! what a dumb dumb he is! thankfully like you said you didnt have your vintage! i still wouldve been kinda peeved that the drink was spilled on me and the waste oh the waste! πŸ™‚ well you looked so lovely and im sure you had a wonderful time otherwise!
cant wait to see the shots from the shoot, i know they are beautiful!

Helen Highwater

From reading this and your last blog, there seems to be a global conspiracy preventing you from drinking champagne!

Ooooh, looking forward to those pics – what a lovely car! (and I’m sure you stand much more nicely than that other model. Why do some girls stand like that? Unless it’s a mark of unity with people whose stomachs do that even when they’re stood straight. ;D

the freelancer's fashionblog

Your hair is as glamorous as ever!

The Trashy DIva sizing differs a bit from dress to dress, but the measuring is pretty accurate. I am between 6 and 8, I went for the bigger, which left some space in the dresses for me, it doesn’t look bad though. The Ashley dress is a bit more fitted and 6 might have been too small there (it’s silk so no stretch whatsoever). The 40’s dress again (or was it Ava, can’t remember) could have been better in the smaller option. I have a Trixie dress too and it stretches in the back so if you think about that dress take the smallest size possible!


I had a stripper ordered for me at my 18th, much to my horror. It would have been fine, were he not 5 fot tall, middle ages, and featuring the worlds most in-your-face paunch. I still feel slightly traumatised now!

Fleur de Guerre

Thanks all for your kind words, and your words of horror! πŸ˜‰

Andrea: I bloody hope so! πŸ˜‰

Mysterycreature – I’m especially horrified for you!!

And f’sfb, thank you for the info, it is really appreciated! I want a Trasy Diva so much.

Fleur de Guerre

Vampygirl: I just use foam rollers and an overnight set! There’s an old tutorial kicking about on my Flickr page – I still do it the same way!


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