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The Chap needs your help!

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I’m sad to have to say that that most splendid of publications, The Chap magazine is in danger of going under. If you have ever enjoyed reading it, or would like to in the future, please do take a moment to read this plea from Mr Gustav Temple, and do whatever you can to Save The Chap!

Here is the article, just in case your malady of the soul has become too much to bear, and your mouse finger grown too heavy at the sight of so much sportswear, that you cannot click any more.


latest issue

Like many venerable institutions, The Chap has run into financial difficulties, due principally to a disastrous result in the 2.30 at Wincanton. But also the spiralling costs of paper stock, printing ink and distribution services, and of course the increase in tax on tobacco products. The harsh reality of the current situation is that if the June issue doesn’t go to press, The Chap will cease publication for ever. We hope our readers agree that this simply cannot be allowed to happen, since The Chap is much more than just a magazine. Consider the implications for the nation if we were to disappear:

  • Vulgarity – without The Chap, there will only remain racks and racks of glossy celebrity gossip magazines, half of which are full of adverts for mascara and motor cars
  • Obscenity – any Chap readers who wanted to continue reading a men’s magazine would be forced to read Nuts, Zoo or, worse still, GQ
  • Sartorial integrity – without The Chap keeping proper gentlemen’s clothing in circulation, society’s poor standards of dress will drop off the scale, resulting in an entire population clad in romper suits; blue for the lads and pink for the ladettes
  • Eccentricity – Britain is in danger of becoming utterly bland and without character, thanks to most towns offering the same dull chain stores, and “lifestyle” becoming a marketing term rather than an actual personal choice. The Chap, by celebrating the eccentrics of the past and present, holds on to this noble British tradition and encourages every town, village and hamlet to cultivate its own identity and to look after its local eccentric
  • Afternoon Tea – by championing traditional English rituals such as afternoon tiffin, village green cricket, hat doffing, “Breakfast of Champions” (a cup of Oolong and a briar full of Dunhill’s Early Morning Mixture), beer that isn’t “extra-cold” and made on the continent, and the wearing of bowler hats to work, The Chap is preserving the things that make Britain an agreeable place to live, compared to our rather uncivilised neighbours across the Channel

What are we asking for? Simple. A donation from any of our readers who feel moved to offer a small gesture of support. One pound from every reader would allow us to print the June issue. Larger contributions would of course also be welcome and would speed up the process towards getting this issue published sooner rather than later, leading to subsequent issues arriving on time and the entirety of our mission continuing apace. The June issue, which we would be unable to print without some form of assistance, promises to be a particularly splendid issue, with contents including:

  • Land Girls on the cover and cavorting over seven pages
  • An extensive interview with Chap of Chaps Stephen Fry
  • An article about Sapeurs, the Congolese dandies who live in abject poverty
  • A Savile Row tailor’s appraisal of David Niven’s superlative wardrobe
  • The E-Type Jaguar Series One Roadster, that louchest of automobiles
  • A new advice column, in which readers are offered conflicting advice from the Lady and the Cad
  • Count Arthur Strong responds to the Chap Questionnaire
  • A new Chap of the Month section, opening with a picture of a man flying a Spitfire while reading a copy of The Chap

If our appeal is successful, every single reader who contributes something will be acknowledged in the next issue, and those who make the highest donations will receive a free VIP ticket to the 10th anniversary Chap party in October (all being well in the publishing department).

So there you have it. If you would like to help save The Chap, please press visit the page above and click on the Paypal button.

I just hope it wasn’t my visage on the cover of the last issue that has doomed The Chap! Nooo!

Goodnight all!

Fleur xx


a cat of impossible colour

What a fantastic magazine! I wish we had an equivalent here … ooh, perhaps the former reaches of the empire could have ‘The Colonial’? With tales of tiger hunts, polo, tea served on the verandah while a servant wafts a palm leaf in your face and the terrible cost of importing British marmalade?

Purrfect Kat

“agreeable place to live, compared to our rather uncivilised neighbours across the Channel” … that’s an interesting point of view! :-S

The magazine looks nice, shame it’d have to disappear…

Fleur de Guerre

cat: Ahhh, that would be brilliant! It is funny, I shall be sad if it goes.

Other Kat: It is a very big joke! Not a real point of view 😉


Even though I’m in the US, I’d hate for this publication to fall by the wayside due to money…so I’ve reposted the plea on my blog…

What a great magazine, think I’ll order a sub for my husband…

Purrfect Kat

Ahhhhhhh 🙂
I was afraid I might have been reading for long the blog of an anti-French pin up!!
see, the French don’t have any humour ;-p

Dusky Ledoux

I have been reading your blog for a while now, and must say you are a real inspiration! 🙂
I have recently started my own blog: duskyledoux.blogspot.com and i would be thrilled if you would take a look!

This magazine must survive! I’m fed up of the same content spread over hundreds of similar magazines! It is so bland!



My heart is breaking that this delightful magazine may go under.I wish we had something like this in the US


As a newspaper reporter, I am always horrified when I hear about printed publications going under. What a shame. And the mag looks loads better than the celebrity crap in bookstores these days…sigh.

Good luck. I hope it survives.


So nice to ‘find’ you! I too love vintage magazines and as I am living in Europe at the moment I have access to lots of lovely vintage markets. I have some photos from ‘Tempo’ on my blog and tomoorow will put up some pin ups from my 1920’s Paris Hollywood mags. Love them!


Thanks for introducing me to this magazine. I didn't want it to dissapear before I'd even discovered it properly so I donated a bit and will be telling all chaps I know to go out and buy one!


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