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Well the weekend’s nearly over and I’ve had a busy one! Friday night I went out dancing, to the brand new night I posted about in my last entry. It was great! I danced my little legs off, and got some great compliments on my style from some seriously accomplished dancers, which fairly chuffed me to bits! I always think I must look rather awkward when dancing, all flailing arms and gangling legs! Then on Saturday, the chap and I went to see the Henry VIII: Man and Monarch exhibit at the British Library. I’ve wanted to see it since it opened, and when I realised it was ending in just a couple of weeks, it was time to get a wiggle on and go! It was fascinating – my favourite artifact was the prayer book belonging to Anne Boleyn, which Henry had written in – he’d scribbled a few lines proclaiming his love for her below a glorious but telling (of Henry’s feelings) illustration of the Sorrowful Man.

Picture © The British Library. Click to see bigger!

It says, in French, ‘If you remember my love in your prayers as strongly as I adore you, I shall hardly be forgotten, for I am yours. Henry R. forever.’

Today I went to see my parents with my brother and his girlfriend as it’s my mum’s birthday tomorrow. I made her some of my famous chocolate & peanut butter swirl, but that has reminded me that I never posted a picture of the cake I made for the chap’s birthday! So here it is.

It’s a victoria sponge, made with a vanilla buttercream, organic strawberry jam and fresh English strawberry filling. It was also my first ever ‘proper’ cake! It seems to have turned out well and it certainly tasted delicious, so I am sure there will be many such cakes appearing here in the future.

And finally, I thought it was time for another outfit photo!

green chiffon headscarf: eBay
jumper: from a vintage pattern
(bought from the stall now at Everything’s Jumpin’)
trousers: Heyday!
green ‘Connie’ wedges: Rocket Originals

I’m not ‘allowed’ to wear this outfit when I see the chap… I am of course mostly kidding, but semi serious. He dislikes the colour green generally, he also dislikes my 40s style wedges (he thinks they are ‘clumpy’, a criticism that many women apparently had at the time when rationing ruled out higher heels!), so he absolutely hates my green wedges! He calls them my Kermit shoes. I have so many other clothes and shoes that I do tend to save my green and my wedges for when I am not seeing him, such as today. But I love this jumper (or sweater for my American friends)! Not only is green probably my favourite colour, but I do think this shade of emerald suits me well. Trust me to be dating a greenist!

I hope you’ve all had super weekends, and will have lovely weeks ahead.

Fleur xx


Miss Tayva

Mine hates green so much… haha. That, and brown.
I do too, actually. Sometimes, though, something is so cute and just happens to be that colour, so I can’t pass it up!

Ms de Vil

Despite what the chap thinks you look gorgeous in green!! and I love those wedges. Just got back from a nights dancing myself could have done with a pair like that!!


My gran had beautiful natural auburn hair and fair colouring and looked amazing in green. But she said it was an unlucky colour, so refused to wear it. I’m a huge fan personally – and it certainly suits you!

Also, that cake looks divine! And your chocolate peanut butter swirl recip got me two marriage proposals, so thanks! 😉

Fleur de Guerre

Thanks all!

Miss Tayva: I don’t like brown an awful lot though I do have some brown trousers and some wedges. But I can’t get enough green!

Suzi: I think they’re stylish too! Men!

Lmac, Atelier and Betty: Thank you all 🙂

Caroline: Oh brilliant, hehe! If only I could be so lucky, my akes are certainly marriage material 😉


the cake looks so wonderfully delicous! good job on that
and you look so fab in green! no seriously it is a great color for you!!


Hi! You look great with that outfit, green color seems good on you.
The cake looks delicious!!
Oh! I envy you, I would like to see that exhibition too, my husband and I are watching the Tv serie “The Tudors” we bought the 2 seasons.
Ah! by the way.. Greetings from MEXICO!! =)

Atomic Mama

I wish I lived over there.. I have been long since intrigued by the monarchy, and I love history so much.

I would love to see that exhibit.

Lucky lady.

I love that vintage jumper too.. did you knit it yourself???


You look gorgeous in green! I seriously cannot pull off those rich shades at all… very envious over here! 😉

I had to chuckle that your guy doesn’t like green. Mine doesn’t either, nor does my father, so I think it must be a guy thing! Although I do have a light green dress my husband thinks is cute on me, but on the other extreme, it took a lot of wrangling to convince him that painting some beat-up bookcases green was a good idea. 😉 (I think they look great, he’s still deciding… haha!)


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