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What I wore – 21st May

Evening (or afternoon for my friends in the Former Colonies, and morning to the Antipodeans)!

I hope you’ve all read and enjoyed my interview over at Casey’s blog? If not, what are you waiting for!

I thought I’d end the day on a quick outfit post, but I was usurped during the picture taking and it’s too late to do another one. But I thought I’d post it anyway!

So without further ado, here’s today’s get-up, complete with a cameo appearance by my kitty Fezzik.

(You know you are getting too into this blogging lark when you move furniture to take outfit pictures!)

My cardigan was handknitted for me using the cardigan pattern on Vintage Purls, but plain, my jeans are from Queen of Heartz (who will appear on here again soon!), the shoes are Keds… and the kitty is a cheeky little blighter!

And I only realised afterwards that my Bettie picture is a bit wonky! Never mind, eh?

That’s all for now, it’s bedtime.

Night all!

Fleur (and Fez) xx



How adorable! Your sweater is gorgeous–I may have to knit that up for myself!
Your kitty is a TWIN for my own, who manages to sneak into quite a few photos herself!!

Shrinky Inky

adorable as always – and you look very nice too Fleur 🙂

I have those jeans AND shoes, so now I must knit myself a blue cardi so I can be a real FleurFan/Stalker, hahaha!

thanks for the feedback on the peasant blouse ideas. I think I will try one that is not too puffy and stay away from the ruffly skirt. And bless you for saying I am a youthful 40+++++++!


Those shoes are killer! And I do love that picture in the background. Betty, you said? THE Betty?


Fezzik as in Andre the Giant, as in The Princess Bride? We used to have a pet rat named Fez after him!

Gorgeous outfit – love the cardi!

Fleur de Guerre

Charm City: Yay for black kitties. Boo to the fur everywhere! 😉

Inky: you really do not look your age… unlike some other recently appeared ladies who shall remain nameless, plus you are effortlessly stylish. I couldn’t hope for a more awesome ‘Stalker’ hahahahahah (you need one of these cardigans, they are so nice to wear!)

Amber: yes it’s THE Bettie, it was a present from my brother last Christmas!

Vintage Angel: Yes or find someone willing to do it for you! 😉

Esme: Thanks, they are great for the summer… I have em on today again!

DDD: sorry, but I’m going to have to disagree with you there ;D

Caroline: that’s the one! I have an Inigo too 😉

Quixsa: thanks! I love the kitty the most 🙂


I love your cat’s name! hehe. 😉 (And cute kitty and outfit pictures are always a plus, in my book. Now if only I could get my pet rabbit to be as well behaved… 😉

Your outfit is so lovely! I really like the jeans especially… I have been having the darndest time finding jeans lately! :p I’m going to have to go check out the website.

Bella Di Nonna

Hi Fleur – really enjoyed reading the interview with you – it was really interesting to hearing how your style has evolved and how you got into modelling. Have a lovely weekend, beautiful girl!

Q's Daydream

I love this outfit…so cute!! Thanks so much for the dress info!!! I’m so excited! and thank you for the lovely lovely comment :o)

Have a fabulous weekend!


Ha ha, i love it! the outfit, your hair. Very sweet doll x
ps i find its completely normal to move everything around in your house then have the kitty steal the thunder x


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