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V.I Buys – all kinds of everything

I can’t believe that it’s been a week since my last one of these … I’ve really had nothing interesting to post about this week. Tea at Claridge’s was something of a disaster as about halfway through, the chap discovered he’d got chewing gum stuck to his jeans from the bottom of the table. Not only are they expensive jeans, but he was actually really nauseated by it … AND the smell of peppermint apparently interferes with the homeopathy he’s on for his back problem. So we had to go pretty much immediately it happened. The staff of Claridge’s were lovely, extremely apologetic, offering help and advice, brought me a free glass of champagne (which I only managed a few sips of before we went) and the chap an alcohol-free cocktail (which he didn’t want) and only charged us for one tea. I had to leave the delicious-looking cakes behind (*sob*) but I did have my fair share of sandwiches and scones. And no pictures. Oh well. I shall put the money saved towards another tea on another day (and check under the table next time!). The jeans are currently languishing in the freezer, which is luckily one of those giant Maytag ones, with plenty of room as it currently holds a bag of petit pois and not a lot else.

On to the the pretty things! Now, I’ve spoken about my chum Shona of Heyday! on here several times before, but she just told me that she’s updated her site with lots more of her lovely things, namely trousers and cute wrap tops. You may recognise the model! (click to see full-size)

She will soon have plenty more of her gorgeous reproduction ladieswear up, including these stunning dresses:

They have the most flattering cut, slight stretch, cute shoulderpads and, above all, wash up a treat making them perfect for dancing in. She also does some amazing menswear too. A thoroughly marvellous designer and a jolly nice lady to boot!

Now … what if you’ve had enough hearing about all this affordable vintage reproduction clothing and want something a bit more costly to spend your pennies on? Then look no further than the utterly divine Madame Tra La La! Ooh, if money was no object, I’d be treating myself to a few gorgeous garments from here, particularly these two lovelies:

If you could hear me sighing wistfully right now!

The blue skirt would go perfectly with these gorgeous 40s style platforms available from Office in black or a lovely coral-red colour.

Finally, UK-based faux vintage lingerie company What Katie Did have just today announced the release of their new CC09 stockings and lingerie range.

I can’t wait to go and try on the stunning new 40s-style bra, and the thicker new rayon and nylon stockings will be just the ticket come autumn … I am particularly coveting the ones on the top left – the shade is called ‘red fox’! How incredibly vintage!

That’s all for this week, the long weekend for me is being mostly taken up by a hen party, and a very exciting shoot with a photographer I’ve been hoping to work with since I started modelling, so do watch this space for the results.


Fleur xx


Betty Lou

oh oh so much nice clothes. been watching on pants from Heyday for a while now, and finally there is a “add to cart” button 😀 the blue/green dress looks nice too. and WKD always do nice things…


Awww, you look so pretty in those pictures and make the clothes look stunning! Thank you so much for all the great links.

Ladies Who Lunch

UGH! What kind of minging chav sticks their gum under a table at Claridges!! How awful. I hope the gum comes off the jeans or I’d be sending Claridges a bill for new pair of jeans.

Fleur de Guerre

Bettie Lou: Oh no! I will ask Shona if/when she is going to fix it. What were you after?
Darla: Thanks! And you’re most welcome.
Fashion1psychology: I will go and have a look now 🙂
Roslyn Joyce: thank you, I am blushing!
LWL: I know! Catherine already asked why he was wearing jeans, but he usually does, and they’re pricey jeans! The manager did give him his card in case they needed dry cleaning or replacing… I have to tackle the gum tonight as himself won’t touch it. Grim!


I’m sure your chap is lovely (if a little sensitive) but seriously did a little bit of chewing gum have to ruin the whole tea? Poop happens ya know, it was only gum and it sounds like he really overreacted. Just saying this because it sounds like you were really looking forward to it and you guys had to leave early and now you have to clean his jeans???? Me thinks he should be a man and get over it! Only one gals oppinion of course but I think he should be a little more grateful that you took him to tea at Calridges in the first place!

esme and the lane way

You look as beautiful as always! Sorry to hear about the mishap :< I hope it makes next time even better.
Ad=nd I LOVE these VIs – I like the look of the grey dress from Heyday, but I don't think it's up yet. And Madame Tr La La… oh dear… they are sooooo perfect, but I'd need to do some saving first! The snooker dress is lovely. (As is that blue '40s skirt, a red '50s coat, etc etc!!! )


Awesome blog, just found it, and posted a link on my own =) Im edfinitely gonna come back for more =) Take care.

Fleur de Guerre

Thanks all, I’m so glad people are still enjoying these posts, and my blog in general.

Anon: yeah, he did overreact as it were, but having more than a touch of the OCD and a seriously low tolerance of grossness he could no more help his reaction than I could have if someone had been sick near me and got a bit on me or something. Far less extreme to anyone else, yes, but it’s still someone else’s bodily fluids on his person and therefore nausea-inducing. 😉

Helen Highwater

Bllllllllllarrrrgh, I think I would’ve demanded a full refund (like some crazy Ebay customer… hohoho) if that’d happened to me at Claridge’s. And what kind of a scumbag leaves their gum (gum????) under a table in a posh hotel?! Yuck!

Meanwhile, those wrap tops are gorgeous! And my CC09s arrived today. They look lovely – the red fox colour is fab! Also, the packaging is rather nice – it’s the Charlotte Thomson illustration with their pastiche of the CC41 logo!


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