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V.I Buys – jeans & more

About time I did a proper one of these, I thought!

The first reproduction vintage brand I want to showcase is the one I mentioned in my outfit blog last night, Queen of Heartz.

I bought my jeans from them in autumn 2006, and I think I wore them almost every single day for 6 months, because they were just so fab, and fitted so well. The cold be damned, I thought, and stayed chilly but stylish all through that winter. They’ve seen better days now, and I’m no longer hardy enough to wear them in the winter so they only come out when it’s warm, like yesterday.

I have to say, mine don’t fit like this at all – I think their model is less curvy in her waist to hip ratio and far more petite than me – but I like mine a bit more fitted anyway. And I like ’em capri length. So there! ๐Ÿ˜‰ A criticism I have heard about them though, is that the material isn’t very vintage denim-y, it’s thin and stretchy, but I like it because it makes them fit even better.

There are all manner of other fab things for sale at Queen of Heartz, check out this adorable 50s style romper/playsuit:

And this stunning chocolate satin dress (modelled by the owner, Letty Tennant):

I also have a pair of the Juliet short pants in black, but they are considerably shorter on me than on the lady there! Brits, please note that you can currently buy the black Suzy shorts from Pinup Parade.

If stretchy denim is not your thing but vintage styled jeans certainly are, then look no further than Freddies of Pinewood. These incredibly accurate reproduction jeans are made from lovely thick denim and their customer service is top notch. However, be aware that the waist sizes run big but the hips do not. I bought their 26″ waist relaxed fit Classic Jeans and they are fine on my 27″ waist, but it takes me several minutes of jumping up and down on the spot and shimmying to get them on and off. Not great if you get caught short! They do look fab when on though, I have to say.

I really want a pair of the grey Utility Jeans, I’ve seen them on others at events and they look fantastic. I might go for the next size up this time though, haha.

Finally, some High Street V.I. shopping… or should I say the supermarket? George at ASDA, would you believe, has some really lovely knitwear in at the moment, as I discovered when my colleague came in wearing a cropped cardigan that was the perfect length for a pair of high waisted trousers.

Pointelle Petite Cardigan – ยฃ14, Frill Tipped Cardigan – ยฃ14, Pleated Front Cardigan – ยฃ7

I love the grey with the contrast and the coral one (which is the one I saw in person).

Finally, I would like to once again plug the wonderful Notorious Kitsch, as I just received the fabulous atomic hook rail I was coveting in this post. It really is just the ticket! I will of course show pictures of my finished kitchen with the rack in place just as soon as it’s done. Sadly she is currently out of stock of the red version, but do check out the site for some more gorgeous stuff, like Tiki Mugs, retro plates, hip flasks, and even kitschy beauty products! Lovely stuff.

That’s all from me for this week, hope you all enjoy your (long) weekends!

Fleur xx



love those tops! those are ones that look good on me, its tough when you are little!!
happy weekend to you as well ๐Ÿ™‚


The jeans are lovely. I’m always partial to stretchy fabric, it makes for a wonderful fit. Their model must be so short! The difference between where the jeans fall on you and her is amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Miss Tayva

I must ask (because I keep asking, but can’t seem to get an answer from anyone)…
Do the Freddies jeans make for a flat bum?
I have several pairs of vintage high-waisted dungarees, but no longer wear them because I hate how flat it makes my bum look (and it certainly isn’t flat)!

I’m just wondering if they’ve done something to the tailoring so it doesn’t create a pancake ass.



Ooh! I’m coveting those cardigans at the bottom of your post! So cute!!!

Thanks for the links to the various spots to purchase vintage style jeans! I’ve been bumming around in a pair I made last year (but fashioned out of heavy denim, which doesn’t do well in the heat in Florida, let me tell you! ๐Ÿ˜‰ and one “skinny” style pair I bought earlier this year. I’ve been longing for some more jeans though; they’re so handy to have in one’s wardrobe! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Vintage Housewife...

first let me say doll you look great! i love the photo of you and your green rocket origanals…and miss suzie Q modeling the sweet bathing suit love it!… the sweaters are so rocken’…just gorgeous!!!!!

Fleur de Guerre

Thanks fabulous gals!

Fiona: I have a very boring job, plus I retain a lot of info where shopping is concerned so I can whip out a post really quickly! ๐Ÿ˜€

Tayva: I couldn’t say whether a flat bum would result from freddies that fit properly – due to the tightness of mine, they definitely flatten it. However I am suffering from bum flattage at the moment – I lose weight and it came off there, then put some back on, but still the flatness persists! Nooo!

Casey: I reckon the QoH one woould be just the ticket for Florida! The freddies ones are really heavy so maybe not so much ๐Ÿ˜‰


I’d almost given up hope of finding some good rockin’ high waisted jeans – thank you so much for this post.
I love it that you can do my window shopping for me Fleur!


Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a pair of vintage land girl style dungarees (canvas/khaki)? I am googling and googling but havent come across anything so far… Help appreciated!


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