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V.I. Buys – Peasant Style

Thanks to the fabulous Casey of Casey’s Elegant Musings, I was just reminded to tell those British gals who read my blog about the wonderful array of 40s-inspired peasant tops that have appeared on the high street in the last week or so. (If you’re a fan of the 40s peasant look, go and check out Casey’s post for some wonderful eye-candy!)

I was idly browsing around New Look on Thursday night when I came across this cute example in the sale:

Only £10.00 at New Look now!

It’s much more blousey in the flesh, and I wore it out on Friday night with my navy blue trousers with red buttons and it looked so 40s (I thought)! And it was perfect for dancing in. A quick browse around the site has thrown up a few more, similar tops, like this, which comes in several colours. And they have a plain one, also in several colourways, in organic cotton. I am going to have to go back for this one to wear with a ‘skirt’ I have… (more on this later!) I’m imagining it tucked in, of course:

I also got a black one with red and green embroidery from Primark… yes I know. I had an attack of guilt on the way home for even going in there. I might take it back, I’m not sure. Thoughts? They have supposedly improved their ethics… but I still feel guilty.

On a more positive note, I had a sort of epiphany while reading Casey’s post, because I have this ‘skirt’, which I bought as a dress, could very well be made out of the Hollywood pattern in her peasant pattern collage. It looks like this:

Photo by John Evans

Now this ‘dress’ was fine to wear for a shoot, but I had to pin it to my bra as the bodice is very strangely constructed. The back extends into long sash pieces, which I crossed over and then tied around my waist. But it would not stay up, and it could not be tied in such a way as to make it stay up, at all. There would be no chance a woman could walk around in it without quickly becoming indecent!

However, I did wear it last summer as a skirt – with the ‘bodice’ folded down into the sash and tied in a big bow, and it was the absolute spitting image of the skirt in Casey’s collage. But I am still a bit confused by it, because if it isn’t meant to be worn as a dress, why is it shaped like that? Anyway… as I was saying, a white gypsy/peasant style top will be perfect with this ‘skirt’ in the summer, I paired with with a yellow one last time, and although it has yellow in the swirls, the overall effect was rather… loud. 😉

That’s all for now!

Fleur xx


fröken lila

hm. maybe you can get a tailor to sew you some straps to the dress so it holds up? shouldn’t be too hard to do that, and it would be sad not to be able to wear it as it is supposed to.. pretty as it is!

Miss Tayva

Huh, it’s a skirt???
What a strangely constructed skirt!

I bought a peasant top a couple of weeks ago, as well… for a whopping £9. I’ve yet to photograph it for my blog though!

emma wallace

You look absolutely lovely in the photo! I agree with Fröken Lila – you could add straps. Or maybe some kind of structure or “boning” on the bodice. It really looks adorable as a dress.


Aw… thanks for mentioning my post as inspiration–I’m so tickled!!! 😀 That first top is gorgeous (I love those embroidered, peasant tops. I would love to make one eventually!).

That “dress” is so beautiful–the print is stunning! I can understand why you decided to use it as a skirt though. At least it’s easy to wear a different way! 😉 Now I’m dying to find a nice, rich paisley print to make a skirt…

Fleur de Guerre

Thanks all for your thoughts – I must confess to being a bad vintage wearer, in so much as that while wearing the dress on this shoot, the constant tugging it up to keep it in place (even pinned to my bra I had o keep yanking it up) has cased the bodice to rip quite badly where the material was already weakened parallel to the top edge. So skirt it is from now on!


So many high street shops are a bad choice ethically though, and I almost feel a bit defensive of Primark for being always in the front of the firing line. H&M garments are almost exclusively made in Bangladesh in very similar conditions to Primark's but I've never heard a bad word said about their ethics.


Your new top is adorable, cant wait to see pictures of you in it. I would have never guessed about the dress you wear as it if it was sewn for your body.

Shrinky Inky

I love this look and enjoy the blog post Casey did as well – good reference. But I wonder, am I too old for this summer look? The girls in those adverts seem so young and I am 40+++. What do you think Fleur, I always trust your judgment when it comes to 40’s fashions!


lovely pic though it was diffucult im sure to be uncomfortable
wish i could be in london to grab some of those cute tops!


If you think you’d feel that guilt every time you wear the top, take it back! It’s only worth keeping it it’s pretty enough to outshine your ethical worries..

Q's Daydream

I adore your blog! The photos of you are all so beautiful! I was wondering if you might know a good place to request a repo dress be made that I have been dying to have? I thought you might be a good person to ask! I’ve been crazily seeking a dress similar to the striped dress Jean Seberg wears in Breathless! it might be impossible to make this dream come true, but it’s worth a shot. Thanks! I’m looking forward to being a daily reader of your fabulous blog :o)


maybe you could cut off a bit of the part you wrapped around your waist and sew it onto the top as straps


I just love that photo. You look so elegant and pretty in it. And that dress looks amazing, even though it was so poorly fitting =)


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