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40s hair with Hot Sticks – Tutorial!

Evening you fabulous lot!

I just got in from a lovely day with the chap, we went to see On Her Majesty’s Secret Service at the cinema, which I had never seen before. And sorry, Bond purists, but I liked George Lazenby as 007! And now I want to master some 60s hairstyles. And on that oh-so-clever segue… my first vintage hair tutorial!

Finally – after quite a lot of hours yesterday spent fiddling with the little Flip camera I was lent on Friday, then fiddling with the fairly rubbish Windows Movie Maker (oh how I need a Mac for at home, or for my work MacBook to not have all the good programs removed!) and ultimately fiddling with YouTube whereupon I realised someone had already taken the name ‘FleurDeGuerre’, cheeky blighter – after all of that… success! My very first ever foray into interwebular video is complete!

Behold my rather silly frozen visage!

I have managed to confuse matters slightly, in the beginning assuming the video is being watched on my blog, and in the end, directing people to it, but never mind, eh? Do take a look and let me know what you think and how I can improve for my next one – I will certainly work on the final piece more when I have got to grips with editing software, better graphics and so on. And I will cut down on the waffle too, I blathered on so much that I had to cut a lot out to get it under 10 minutes!

Anyway, enjoy, and please leave me a comment below!

Good night!

Fleur xx

Edit: To elaborate slightly and answer two questions posted in my comments (both of which I actually answered in advance as I was doing the filming, but had to cut out for time, haha!

♥ I think this tutorial will work on longer hair, but in order to get the curl going higher up on the hair, rather than just in the bottom 4 inches, you might need to take smaller sections. My hair curls better than some because it is rather damaged from the dyeing and the styling over the years, extremely healthy, lovely, shiny hair will be harder to beat into curly submission! Super straight hair might have trouble with curl staying power too, though the hot sticks do get *extremely* hot, which is what makes them so good. Doing a light, loose set overnight and then doing the hot stick set the next day would probably be the best way!

♥ My hairbrush is a Mason Pearson one which I’ve had for almost two decades! They are expensive but obviously you get your money’s worth! Mine is a mixture of nylon and natural bristles, and I find it perfect. I’ve heard arguments both for and against pure nylon and pure bristle brushes, either they smooth out the hair too much, or not enough, so a bit of both is a good middle ground.

♥ To those that asked about bobs, doing this set on bob length hair (I also mentioned this in my original footage!), and not rolling it all the way to the scalp will result in a fab, 30s look. Think Ruby Keeler:

♥ Sometimes, especially if it is very dry out, no amount of brushing will tame the frizz (though serums etc help here) and leaving it for a bit before going at it again will help it settle (as NoirGirl does). You’ll notice in the very last segment of the video my hair is even smoother, that’s because I did it about half an hour later when I had brushed it through one more time. I often do this when I get to work of a morning!

I will add more answers as and when the questions come in! Thank you all so much for your kind words, I agree 10 minutes probably is a bit long, but I was introducing myself a bit in this one, so next time I will plunge straight in. And show the back!

F xx



I think it turned out great! And after seeing you do it, it looks very easy to do, thanks for a great video!


I really loved the video. It's great to see the woman behind the blog live on video and to get a hair tutorial out of it too. It was interesting about the brushing! I didn't realize that if you kept brushing that the curls and frizz would go down so significantly.

Almost 10 minutes is really long, so I guess my only criticism is just to shorten your next video, but otherwise this is an absolute superb entry!

Lolita Haze

Don't forget to show the back. I know when I post photos that is the one thing everyone always asks to see! The back. πŸ™‚

Great first video! Congrats to you!


You're too cute! The intro really made me laugh – I know whenever I hear my voice from a recording I think I sound so awful! And then I forget and go back to believing what I like. πŸ™‚

Ms de Vil

Fab stuff, loved it and so helpful too as I am completely rubbish at styling my hair. I am now off in search of hot sticks.

Can't wait for the tutorial



I loved the tutorial, Fleur! I really want to buy some hot sticks now. I set my hair in pin curls every 2 days, but it takes a while just to get it all set, and then it has to dry. The hot sticks would be great for a quick fix!

I thought all the chatter was nice! It was like you were actually talking to each of us. πŸ™‚

I never knew that tip about lots of brushing. I just brush out my pincurls early (before I have to leave) and let the frizz die down a bit. Then, I go back with a comb and fix it up.

Can't wait for the next tutorial!

Miss Peelpants

Fantastic tutorial. I do the same thing with bendy rollers overnight, but because of the length, style and weight of my hair I end up a bit more Seventies style once it's brushed out.

OHMSS is the best Bond film, in my opinion. I saw it recently on the big screen as well – oh so much more impressive! If you can teach me how to do Diana Rigg's more extravagant 'dos' from that, I would be eternally grateful! πŸ˜‰

p.s You look SO much like my Nana did in the Forties! Makes me smile…

The Glamorous Housewife

Note to self: must go out and get hot sticks and setting lotion immediately! Excellent post. I have only used hot curlers in the past and I was wondering what all the fuss was about hot sticks. Now I see the difference. Thanks and I look forward to more.

Farce Herself

Fabulous tutorial! It hadn't even occurred to me that hot sticks could be used to achieve a 40's look. I'll definitely be trying this!

Helen Sycamore

I've read your blog faithfully for a long time now and really love it! But I have always been curious what the beautiful girl with the red lips is like. Now I feel a little bit like I know! I think you have a wonderful voice! I loved the video! It was so fun to see you!


Mademoiselle Robot ❀

It is good to see someone using hot rollers! I use them and often feel like I should do pin curls instead (when I can be bothered to do anything at all!).

My question for you is: do you know a vintage hair style that can be achieved on a short bob like mine? I cut my hair and didn't really think about the styling possibilities!


Andi B. Goode

Ooh, hot sticks! I only have rollers and, frankly, they're pants. So I'm going to have to go track down some hot sticks now because I'm too lazy to sleep on curlers every night.
I really enjoyed the tutorial! (I love your accent, by the way.)
Also, I quite enjoyed OHMSS, too! I think I was a bit fond of George Lazenby because I could hear his Australian accent at times and it warms my heart to hear an Australian accent on film. Haha.
-Andi B. Goode x


Bravo, fantastic video πŸ™‚ The 10 minutes was good as you took the time to explain and show things properly. Now I just need to get me some hot sticks and a decent hairbrush! Can you recommend a good brand/type of hairbrush to use?


Don't you look lovly, i don't remember how I thought you'd speak!

Great tutorial, i'll get some hotsticks soon and stop sleeping in my rollers!

Fab! xx

Pretty Little Pictures

Great tutorial – although you may have thought you talked alot, at least you actually did something!! I did my first post about two weeks ago and managed to talk for about 3 1/2 minutes about absolutely nothing. It is amazing seeing people in video and comparing them to how you imagined huh?


Hi Fleur
love the tutorial, well done on your first attempt. Any tips for people with a bob hair do?

Best wishes
Fraulein Maria

Natasha Bailie

Fleur! Bravo..I loved it…do you think it would work on uber straight locks? Woud the hot sticks need to be sizzling? You look and sound great x I cannot wait for to see more adventures of Fluer and her flip πŸ™‚ xx x xx

Fiona at Notorious Kitsch

very lovely hon! I know that must have been strange and hard to do!

Your hair looks great, and can't remember who asked about short hair curled, but yes you can, I now have shorter more 50's looking hair which curls great.


What a cracker! Loved the vid, great to put a voice, colour and movement (so to speak) to your words and pics! Can't wait for the next vid. I have heard also with do's that is is all in the hair brush and brushing- what type did you use? greetings from the antipodes, michele xx


I could never get hot sticks to stay in my hair so I gave mine to a charity shop… now I'm wondering about getting another set! You made it look well easy Fleur!

Fleur de Guerre

Thanks all for your feedback and lovely comments. I have edited the entry with answers to some questions, if I missed yours out, or anyone thinks of any more, just shout!

Fleur xx

Helen Highwater

Gotta love the hotsticks! Unfortunately some of mine split so I think I might need a new set to have enough to do my hair.

You're very lucky to have a natural wave in your hair, too!

Nice tutorial, and it's refreshing to see one that isn't about victory rolls. Because of course, it was possible to exist in the 1940s as a woman and not have victory rolls. Yes, it's incredible, but true. ;D

Oh by the way, those sponge rollers that look like bottoms are actually quite good! Although it did look like I had a load of bottoms on my head.

(PS: I did a tutorial once but it never saw the light of day as it was really long and I was waffling… I'm thinking that a bit of gentle background music might've helped me so I didn't feel like I had to speak every second I was on camera!).


Brilliant! Loved it.. and unintentionally funny too..

"They're good for, they're good for.. well I don't know what they're good for really…" Hehehehe.. thanks F x

Shrinky Inky

thank you Fleur! I really enjoyed this and of course, love your accent! I agree that seeing the back would be nice and a bit shorter, but otherwise fab and helpful! Oh, I have had my Mason Pearson for about 20 years as well (same one too nylon/boar) and it was a terrific investment. That and my Denman nylon brush are the only ones I own.


That was fantastic, thank you! I think you have a lovely voice and amazing eyes! I look forward to more tutorials from you in teh future.


Hi Fleur, great video, would've liked to have seen the back, both when you had the hot sticks in and the finished look too but that's all I'd say, I think 10 mins is fine, it's not as if you're boring to look at or listen to!

Can't wait for your next ones, will be subscribing to your YouTube channel!


You are so lovely & charming! I know will have to read all your blogs with an accent (a terribly faux one unfortunately). Thank you for the styling tips!

"The Golden Girl of the West"

That was lovely Fleur! I couldn't have said it better myself!! I love the fact that you only require the use of one Hot Sticks set and still had one left to spare. My mane requires two sets of Hot Sticks and sometimes I have to borrow from the curls that are finished! (sigh)


Betty Lou

Oh great video! You're so beautiful, and i envy your perfect pale skin ;D

I use bendy rollers and place them as you do i think and i get almost the same result, i just need a haircut because my hair is so thick so it takes forever to brush! And i really need to find me some anti frizz serum.

Looking forward to more videos from you sweetie

Shona from Heyday!

Well done girl!

I love the tutorial and I don't mind the length of it at all cos you are lovely to watch and listen to.

Keep up the fabbo work


yay it was wonderful! loved hearing you! and love all the little extra talking heehee it makes it more real you know? and i think you did a great job in explaining it all!


THANK YOU! It was a fabulous tutorial!

One question – How long do you think you brush the curls?

I would have never thought more brushing would give better results! Wow! I always try to NOT brush them!


Wonderful! Can't wait for the next one! πŸ˜€

Do you know any hairstyles that would work for VERY long hair? I dress '40s day-to-day, and I do fine with the one I have, but the back is in this giant bun that looks for all the world like a tumour! πŸ˜› I'd like to let it down, but I can't cut it since I need it that long for Victorian and Medieval events. It's about down to my tailbone, and the longest hair I've been able to find for the era is Veronica Lake's.

Thanks and best wishes!



Hi Fleur, I'm a new reader of your blog and I absolutely love it! The tutorial was great and I'll definitely use it. πŸ™‚

esme and the lane way

Absolutely fantastic, I loved it! I am going to try this as soon as I get some mousse and hot sticks.
And I can't wait for the faux bang and rolls – I have my rat ready to go!

Super Kawaii Mama

Bloody hell woman, but that was fun! I had a good time watching that and now have to go out and get me some hot sticks!
Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚


THANKS for the video! I just need to buy the hot rollers…or what are their name? sorry my english is not very good.
Well, I'll buy those and start practicing!!


I have missed the UK accent so much! It's good to see that I'm not the only one with noisy neighbours.

You're really natural in front of the camera and love your honesty about the other rollers you've got.

I'm so going to get hot sticks when I go to the UK next.


i really enjoyed the video, and i think i will try to make smaller curls, like the ones you get with the hot sticks. i usally do pincurls, but i will surely look for some hot sticks of a smaller size. and some anti-frizz serum!
thanks for a great video and hoping for more! (and longing for my hair to grow out…)


Splendid job, Fleur! I think you did a lovely job. I look forward to seeing further vlogs! Long-time lurker, first time commenter. I wish I still had longer hair so I could experiment with this… I recently cut it off to a very gamine Audrey Hepburn short cut, which admittedly does save time in the morning for makeup and outfit consideration. πŸ™‚

Fleur de Guerre

I am overwhelmed by the wonderful comments! Especially about my weird sounding (to me) voice! Hehe

I can do some makeup tutorials, sure, though I learned my makeup technique from other tutorials so there will be nothing new in there! But I can show how I o my every day makeup and my night/shoot makeup with false lashes and the full works etc. Why not!

Andrea: the brushing out is contant for several minutes, abut I do reckon it's about five from start of brushing to final spraying.

Jemma Trundle

So fun to watch Fleur! My hair is almost waist-length again now (having been only about 2 inches long all over, 4-5 yrs ago!) so it's a nightmare to get into any style, but I'd love to see you do Victory rolls! x


Very nice video – not too chatty and you'll feel more comfortable the more you do. I would like to see how you put curlers on the top (you have two on your left side?) because that is where I have problems. I also have very curly hair so I sometimes use barettes rather than bobby pins.

You have a very nice blog – accessible even for those only moderately interested in vintage dress!


I enjoyed that tremendously…hoping you enjoyed your London trip! Would love to see some make up tips, please?!! You've got nothing to feel self-conscious about….your voice and face looks/sounds as beautiful as it does on still shots.


That was wonderful! I second mygrandmalucy's request for makeup tutorials as well — or any skincare tips, your complexion is lovely!


Hi Fleur, Its Laura – Right, drive over here and battle my hair! I cant do it!And I want an eyebrow tutorial next. x


Thanks for the tutorial! I thought it was great πŸ™‚ Now, I'll be on the lookout for some of those hotsticks, they'll be great for my dd who is an instant gratification kinda girl!

Jema Rose


Great tutorial!!! Thank you so much for making the video, I must get some Hot Sticks too..!

You are SO beautiful!

: )

Hugs, Jenny


Oh it's amazing Fleur! Is there any chance we could embed it on Queens, obviously linking it back to here?



Thank you for this post and the video for the hot sticks!!! I just bought some today and I read in an article that Dita Von Teese uses these as well. I tried using them and I have course, thick hair but thankfully they did curl my hair. However, I have no idea how to really get it looking nice and styling it, so thanks so much for posting that vid! Great blog!!!


I am so glad I found your blog. It's just what I've been looking for. Love the tutorial, can't wait for more.


Fabulous video! I can't help wondering though, how would this work on fairly long, already curly hair? It's not very 'vintage curly' and it's more like tight waves as opposed to curls – but I can't get it to do any vintage styles, closest I can get is fake, cheating victory rolls that just involve twisting my hair πŸ™ I guess I'd probably have to blow dry it mostly straight, then curl it, then brush it out I suppose! Any other vintage girls out there too who have thick, wavy/curly hair and can actually make it work with vintage styles?


I like your 2nd video very much compare to the 1st video. It's straight to the point and the style turn out very pretty! excellent!


I simply loved this video! I just stumbled across your site while doing some research for a 40's event I'll be attending in February, and so many of the how-to hair tips were not easily understood. I enjoyed that you showed every step so that nothing was left to the imagination, and I thought your "blather" was rather enjoyable and informative. You are brilliant, and I will be sure to explore more of your site.


quite good. i like hair styling and you got good results. cheers.
as a boy, im more into fauxhawks,
ducktails, and flat tops.




Just bought hot sticks. I'm 16 years old and I will wear this to school every day for the rest of my life! So adorable. Thank you so much!

Savory Tv

Thank you for the tutorial! You are absolutely gorgeous and it was wonderful for your first ever! Am off to shop for Babyliss products now, cheers!

Mama LaCroix

I love the look of loose curls and waves. Thanks so much for posting the tutorial. What products would you recommend for THICK and slightly frizzy/flyaway hair, that isn't horrendously expensive. My hair is about shoulder length now (2+ years growing out from a pixie cut….sounded good at the time)

Blodeuwedd, a coruja

Hi, thanks for this video, it's really nice. I live in Brazil and I never see Hot Sticks to sell so I was wondering if you know some place where I can buy them online. Also, my hair is natually curly almost to the roof… do you think it will work anyway? Or I may have to straight it down before? Sorry my spelling mistakes >.<


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