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A most splendid shindig!

Also known as my 28th birthday bash!

One of my many lovely birthday cards!

Next Tuesday, I will be turning a year older, and as a friend of mine, Mr Torquil Arbuthnot, was conveniently born only a few days before me, we decided to get together and throw a party to mark the occasion. It was last night, and I have just about recovered from both the fabulousness, and indeed the alcoholousness! I had the most wonderful night; so many of my lovely friends turned up and showered me with cards and pressies. I’m a lucky girl indeed!

Here’s what I wore for the occasion:

It’s a rather delicious black crepe dress, with a sequinned top and peplum. I had to add a belt, but will try to find a better, vintage one – this was just a new, plain satin one. I wore it with my black manhattan heel stockings and my divine Georgina Goodman shoes. The lovely lady in the photo with me is Miss Minna, Torquil’s better half. Here’s me with the birthday boy:

I’m trying to artfully arrange chocolate brownies, made by my own fair hand!

I managed to snap some pictures of my incredibly stylish vintage friends all looking absolutely amazing!

These three were taken by me – the rest were pinched off another friend’s Facebook!
The creators of The Sophisticate’s Diary,
a blog you should be reading, if you aren’t already!

Please do have a look at my Flickr for more photos of the night, if you are so inclined. I leave you with a picture showing off my cards and gifts!

Oh, go on then, just one more. I know some if you think I am so classy and elegant… I beg to differ!


I’ll be back again later this week, after my birthday proper. Hope you all had weekends as splendid as mine?

Fleur xx


Delicate Rows Pedal

Wow what a wonderful party! You look gorgeous,as usual, and your friends look amazing too! My birthday is in just a bit more than a week and, what I wouldn't give for a "shindig" such as yours!
(to use one more exclamation point in this comment)Happy Birthday!


Well, happy (early) birthday! You look wonderful! And so do all of your friends. Oh my. I would love a party like that! And what great gifts you got, too! (I was just watching 'The Notorious Bettie Page', last night!)
-Andi B. Goode


Proper parties are always good fun =) And happy birthday! Those photos look like they could be from some old photo album, everybody looks so classy and stylish in their vintage style.


Happy Birthday. I love those photos. This is my first time visiting your blog. I like it here. Cheers!

Shrinky Inky

what a lovely way to spend your birthday with such fabulous friends! and the cake picture is now my favorite fleur pin up 😉

Betty Lou

What a lovely party! And all of you looked fab!

(the word verification i have to write in says bakise, almost "bakis" wich in swedish is a slang for hungover)


How wonderful–what a party!!

I know a couple of those criminals in attendance, so I imagine it was quite a night!

Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns of the Day!!

Atomic Mama

Oh you look lovely, and so does Miss Hannah! She is so pretty.

And let me tell you, you have the best Faux Bangs under the sun!

Happy birthday darling!!!!



And I love that last photo….it's lovely and you look beautifully crazy (or crazily beautiful??) 😀


A wee bit early, but happy birthday!!! 🙂 What a delightful party–just the sort of way to properly herald in another year! 🙂 All those gifts you got–so fun! I'm so envious of the Dita book; I'm dying to get a copy for myself (along with a zillion other books, which is why I still haven't bought it). 😉

I love, love, love your dress, btw! So elegant and glamorous!


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