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V.I. Buys – quick picks

I am short on time today so this is a quickie…

More shoes! On sale!

These Miss L Fire Grables are down to £29 at Sniff, so if you’re a size 3-7 go and snap a pair up! *curses size 8 canoes*

I have a bit of a thing for patch pockets, so I have a huge crush on this skirt at ModCloth!

The only problem is, it’s only 23.5″ long in the size that fits my waist, which would fall well above my knee, and I’m not sure if I can pull it off like the gorgeous skinny-legged fashionistas out there. However the dress I wore in my last outfit post just about hits above the knee and looks OK, so maybe I could? I do have an urge to invest in a very full miniskirt such as the one lovely Strawberry Koi wore yesterday. I think if I see one I shall try it on and see.

Finally, I mentioned it last week, but I had a bit of an issue with Trashy Diva‘s customer service, which, I’m very happy to say, got fully resolved over the course of the week. They really went out of their way to sort things out for me, for which I am extremely grateful. I am so glad because I have longed for a TD dress for years, but they were always a little on the pricey side, except for the notorious Trixie dress, which is a bit too 50s for my tastes (although my best friend received hers last week and it looks so fab on her!). But thanks to the help of Angie at TD, I am now eagerly awaiting the delivery of this beautiful red 40s dress:

I’ve never had a red dress before, so I’m really excited to try it on and work out the best accessories. I might try and steer clear of black, but then what? Blue perhaps? I shall do green and white at Christmas of course!

Other styles I particularly like are the aforementioned and indeed forthcoming Sweetie dress:

(flowing rayon with wood buttons and belt buckle – $110)

The short-sleeved Jenny dress which is a must-purchase for next winter for me:

(practical polyester jersey and $150)

The Ashley dress in this gorgeous silk print:

(a pure silk number at $249)

The elegant Katherine jacket:

(a reasonable $121 – if anyone has this, please let me know what it’s like!)

And last but by no means least (I could go on indefinitely!), on my aetherical dream buys list, the Garbo coat:

(an eye-watering-but-worth-it-I’m-sure $420)

Anyway, must dash, do enjoy your weekends!

Fleur xx



Hey there lovely, I was shopping today and saw something that might interest you, Marks and Spencers currently have a small selection of outfits based on their original 1950's designs to celebrate their 125th birthday. The designs are really cute and with them being high street I thought you might like to know for your journal 🙂
Keep up the fab posts, I visit most days
Kitten @ Pirate Photography

Fleur de Guerre

Thanks Kitten!

I have seen the anniversary stuff, I have the M&S magazine 125 years issue right here on my desk in fact… but I've not seen anything from the range I particularly like! It's all just a little bit short or shapeless for my tastes. Saying that though that's not to say my readers wouldn't… so I will mention it next time. Thank you for the heads up though!

fröken lila

oh, i'm glad they sorted things out for you and i can't wait to see you in the red dress. i am sure a bright red like this suits you very well!

about the yellow skirt, it depends on how far above the knee it would hit, but maybe you can try out one with a similar length and puffy cut at a highstreet store, just to see how you like it?


I tried to get the grable shoes a couple of months ago from Sniff and they are out of stock in a size 3, but it stil shows on their website, phone them and check before you order!

Poke Salad Annie

all so gorgeous! i watched benjamin button last night (which failed to impress me), but kate blanchet wears a stunning red dress in one of the scenes that totally reminds me of the red dress in your post. i want it 🙂


I couldnt help but buy that trixie dress in aqua it is so adorable and $34 dollars is such a steal of a deal, thank you for posting the link I am so excited to recieve my new dress. xoxo ♥Darla
ps. sorry for the double comments!

Teresa Leigh

I love the red dress and I believe once you own it you will buy much more in red.
As for accessorizing colors.. you can do Blue, Yellow, turquoise, and if your feeling bold a light purple!

Bella Di Nonna

I do love your V.I. posts. I don't know about you, but I DO find it hard to find attractive vintage clothing, that fits, in London – at least within my humble budget… Most nice stuff is too tiny OR expensive for me – so while buying from US sellers is fine, it's also great to have inspiration on things we London girls have easier access to!

Rachael King

I bought a beautiful dress from TD. Unfortunately when it arrived the ruching in one shoulder was completely shoddy. It was coming apart and uneven with the other shoulder. When i contacted them they offered to take it back and send me another, but the wanted me to insure it, and it would have cost me a fortune to do that on top of sending it airmail from NZ to the US. IN the end it was cheaper for me to get a local dressmaker to ix it for me. When I told them this I thought they might offer to reimburse me for the cost of the job, since I was saving them money too, but alas they were pretty quiet on the matter.

I would buy from them again because their dresses are stunning, but it was a disappointing experience considering the cost of the dress (the Alexa, navy floral $249).

btw I wore it once before I got pregnant! lol
Here's hoping I lose that baby weight quickly so I can wear it again some day…

the freelancer's fashionblog

How great things worked out, I've always received great servicefrom TD! I've been dreaming about the Garbo coat too…and have some ten more dresses I want to get from there,sigh…

Must go check out those shoes!

Jessica Cangiano

Your handpicked selection of items are always so fantastically beautiful!

I especially like the gorgeous red dress that you're getting. Red is one of my favourite hues to sport. I've found that with my colouring (red hair, pale but pink tinged skin) it goes well with accessories and accent pieces in colours such as silver, gold, cream/ivory, turquoise, grey and navy blue. Whatever you pair this timeless dress with, I'm sure you'll look stunning!

Wishing you a marvelous Sunday,
♥ Jessica


That yellow skirt is divine! I think you would look smashing sporting it–it's definitely worth a try! 🙂


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Diana Geneviève

Regarding the yellow ModCloth skirt: I don't know exactly how tall you are, but I'm 5'8" (172.72cm) and you can see how it falls on me here. It's a gorgeous skirt, though I may cut out the polyester lining! I LOVE the pockets. Perfect for a small book! 🙂


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