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What Fleur did next…

I was terribly excited to get two rather super things through the post today. The first thing was a pair of Miss L Fire platform shoes that I raved about in my last V.I Buys post. I’m delighted with them and couldn’t resist tottering around the office in them all day. My colleagues kept remarking, “You look tall today!” then realising I was wearing these 5 inch platforms, which make me almost 6’4″! Tee hee!

Only one snag, which I realised I should have foreseen – Miss L Fire’s size 8s are a touch on the small size for me, as I discovered to my cost when I ordered a pair of boots a couple of years ago. And being the largest size they do, there’s not much I can do about it. My platforms were also very tight around the heel, and don’t have any elastic in them, just a thinner bit of leather. Still, with a bit of wear (probably around the house, with a pair of wet socks on underneath!) they are bound to stretch and probably fit like a glove in the end. Fingers crossed!

So, without further ado, here is a (terrible quality) picture of today’s outfit!

I’m wearing my (previously) deadstock Swirl dress, which is all patterned in green, brown, orange and yellow flowers, and my new shoes! Here’s a closeup of the dress print:

The shoes are a much brighter yellow than the picture on ASOS would suggest, and they aren’t a perfect match to the yellow on my dress, but it’s close enough! I accessorised with my green bakelite earrings and bangle, but I have decided I simply must get a yellow set now. I must!

Anyway, the second super thing was a packet of postcards from the lovely Katie of What Katie Did.

Here’s the original:

Photo copyright What Katie Did and Tony Nylons.

I’m wearing one of the new CC09 bras and a pair of the CC09 stretch seamed stockings, plus a vintage girdle, which you sadly can’t see.

I have to say I am so proud of myself for this achievement, as a pin-up model, you feel you’ve really ‘made it’ if you get to work with WKD. I was over the moon when Katie emailed me to say that she was going with her husband to Normany for the D-Day celebrations, taking the jeep I posed on with them, and that she’d had these postcards made up. I didn’t know if I’d end up on any official WKD stuff, so I was chuffed to bits. And apparently the neightbours were convinced I was Dita. If only my life were one tenth as exciting as the jealousy-inspiring snippets she posts on Twitter! Still, I am pleased as punch, and I hope to have more to show off soon!

Toodle pip!

Fleur xx


Shrinky Inky

Lovely on all counts, Miss Fleur! The photo in the jeep is perfect!

I covet yellow shoes and am on the verge of yellow Re-Mix Briarcliffs.

Pretty Little Pictures

Lovely Fleur, you are gorgeous as ever – oh how i'd love to be a pin up model for a day! But i'd just look silly, so i'll stare at your pictures instead and just dream…

Betty Lou

Wow! I agree with the rest, gorgeous as always!

I really hope that you will be offical at WKD! That photo is great! Would love to have that pic on the wall.


aww you are so pretty, congrats to you for working with wkd! and you do look like dita 🙂 but you have your own style too! great great photo for the postcards


Fleur!!! I just came across your blog & I am hooked….you're so stylish 🙂
Btw I also love pin-ups although I don't dress that way…although maybe I should try it someday, I have a very defined waist, it could look good 😉 (but where are my boobs??? nowhere wtf).

I will link you, k? 🙂


You look gorgeous from head to toe! 🙂 I love those shoes; I'm seriously envying them right now! lol.

Although I already commented over at your Flickr, I just wanted to say again how stunning those postcards for WKD are. No wonder the neighbors thought you were Dita–you are so glamorous! 🙂

Fleur de Guerre

Fanks everyone!

Glad you share the yellow love, Inky!

You would NOT look silly PNP, you are pinup perfect in all your pictures!

Bucca: ta!

VA: Get some! There are usually some about on eBay!

MM: Not sure you will as they aren't the usual discount ones, but you never know!

LWL: Thanks miss Suzi 🙂

BL: Thanks dolly!

FFB: Yay, let us know what it's like, and what you ordered!

miamichaela: You should try it! Boobs be-damned, the defined waist is the essential part!

Pke salad annie and Heidi: thank you both!

Casey: you are such a doll, thank you!

DDD: True, though they aren't actually my pants. Sitting in a jeep in borrowed pants! Ewww


Great outfit!

And I love the last photo, what fun!

I just started following Dita on twitter, and I have never wanted to be someone else more in my life 😉

marija ljamic

The photo with blue dress and flowers is vrely beautiful,reminds on the beginning off autumn,and sweet memories on summer.Grettings


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