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Here, there, and everywhere!

Me, me, me. My humble visage has been appearing on websites and blogs across the world in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I would write about them here so as to return the favour to the linkees, whilst also talking about myself some more. Honestly, you’ll all be sick of the very sight of me soon. I think I am getting sick of the sight of myself, actually! But here it is, some more of yours truly. You lucky people!

Firstly, a few weeks ago, I was interviewed by the lovely Natasha of Natasha Bailie Vintage Clothing about my life, my loves and what makes me tick. The interview went up on the 8th, so if you haven’t seen it yet, do head on over to her blog and have a read. Check out her site too, as it is crammed with some seriously divine vintage as well as an amazing new line of vintage style dresses and skirts, created by a Brighton-based designer, Miss Amy Phipps.


A few weeks ago, Helen, who runs Pinup Parade, wrote a very useful guide to Getting into Pinup Modelling, which was subsequently picked up by French blogger Loulou de Bordeaux, translated into French and posted on her blog Vespertine. In it, I am pictured alongside pinup queens Bernie Dexter, Sabina Kelley and Morgana, which humbles me rather, as I don’t consider myself to be anything close to them. But perhaps if I keep working hard at it, I will be one day!

Writer Rachael King, who is a fellow vintage fashion maven and swing dancing addict, linked to my post about the Chap Olympiad, and mentions that when she lived in London, there was nothing to go except go to raves. Raves? How dreadfully uncivilised!

Me again! With Naomi this time.

Talking of the Chap Olympiad, my latest styling victim, Naomi of Vintage Secret, also wrote a blog post on our day out, complete with photos of me styling her hair. As if that wasn’t enough of me for anyone, there’s another post about me a few entries earlier, because I met VS’s lovely PR guru, Katie Antoniou at Hep Cats Holiday.

Would you believe it, it’s me! With Katie Antoniou.

Rodellee Marie of AdoreVintage.com also mentions me in her ‘She Wears Vintage’ series, in which she says lovely things about my outfits and also posts some of my oldie-but-still-goodie modelling shots, which I’m not sure have made it onto my blog since they are from way before I started it.

Still me… what were you expecting?

Take a look, and thanks Rodellee!

Then, on Monday, my vintage hair tutorial was featured on my favourite online vintage magazine, Queens of Vintage. I expect everyone who reads this blog has seen it already, but if not, head on over!

Finally, a few more bits of modelling news. I was absolutely overjoyed to find myself on the front page of What Katie Did! The annual War and Peace Show is coming up at the end of this week and WKD always sell there, so they decided to feature the shot of me wearing their new stockings and posing in Katie’s 1942 army jeep, from our shoot a few months back. Yippee! I am going to War and Peace myself on Friday, weather permitting, so I’ll be reporting back with photos soon.

Me, and a lovely WWII jeep.

This is such an achievement for me, I can t even say. I had to capture it for posterity. And showing-off-ity.

And last, but definitely not least, an email today from the incredibly talented photographer Rebecca Parker, informed me that one of the pictures we did together is in Portuguese magazine Arte Fotográfica. Which is rather splendid, really. Here’s a picture, but click to see it bigger!

Me, top right, with some other fantastic models like the amazing an inspirational Ulorin Vex, top left, the absolutely iconic Ivory Flame, bottom left and the stunning Aurora Dawn, the redhead on the right.

And just so this isn’t entirely about me, I have to just say that Ulorin Vex and Holly (Ivory Flame) are two of my favourite non-pinup models, so being featured with them is also an incredible honour. I say non-pinup, but both have done, and will no doubt continue to do some pinup here and there, though it is not what they are mainly known for. Both also have blogs in addition to their sites, Ulorin’s Livejournal regularly showcases her amazing, vibrant work as an alt-model, and Ivory Flame’s Pool of Dreams contains insights into her life as a full time art nude, and fashion model. Please be warned that neither of these blogs are at all safe for work! From their blogs:

Not me! Ivory Flame!

This isn’t me either! It’s Ulorin Vex for Maya Hansen corsets

One day I will be one-tenth as awesome as those two!

That’s all from me, and indeed about me, for today!


Fleur xx



oh the lovely picture on WKD! Your hair style is awesome as usual an your pale skin makes me -tanned girl- feel jealous!
And you do deserve that place on my blog next to Miss Dexter and Morgana (by the way you are in my blogroll whereas the other are not!).


Goodness, you have a lot happening! I really admire how you.. manage yourself, I guess? You really seem to make things *work* for you.

Bravo! :]!


You are utterly fantastic, Miss Fleur, and certainly deserve all these wonderful mentions and press!!! 🙂


aahh I remember Ulorin Vex and Morgana from my goth years. I always wanted to be just like them. I guess the camera only loves certain people like you guys!

Sophie, the Barton Girl

Oh, well done, you! That's a all lot of free (and deserved) publicity – not to be sniffed at.
Although I have not (yet) featured you nor your work in any of my posts, I thought you might like to know that yours was one of the very first blogs listed within my blogroll. N.B. no reciprocity required!
I've been reading your blog for quite a while now because the way you relate to the Forties and vintage clothing is totally fascinating to me, as a vintage dealer.



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