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So I must become … Derelicte!

So a couple of weeks ago, I went off down to Guildford to meet a photographer, the talented Nathaniel Renouf, and together we went off to a tiny village nearby to creep into an abandoned brick works. Part of it has collapsed, and we were careful to keep away from it as it’s pretty likely that there is asbestos in the roof, but the rest is solid, and we were really spoiled for choice as to where to shoot. A few days before, Nathaniel had come down to investigate, and he stumbled across an outhouse, inside which, it appeared that someone had abandoned an entire pantomime set, bits of scenery, loads of mouldy old costumes and several fantastic, rusty old trunks. I didn’t see it as it was hard to get into, but he did find a script from a Punch and Judy show, dated to the early 80s, so that must have been when it was dumped!

Anyway, he pulled out some bits to use as props, and I brought along my good self, lots of floaty scarves and pretty dresses, to deliberately contrast with the background, and some flowers. Nathaniel is very keep on motion capture and I had some fun flinging things about, and I can’t wait to show you all the photos. But Nathaniel had to shoot off abroad and has sent me two photos from the shoot to keep me happy, so I thought I would show them off here! I’m posting ’em big, as I think they need to be, to get the full effect.

Here I am, in my very first ever proper Swirl dress (I had a home-made repro one before, and didn’t realise that was what it was until I got this one!), waving a chiffon scarf about. Amusingly, this was the first or second take, and we spent a fair while after with me brandishing the scarf to try and better it, but we didn’t manage to! Funny how that happens sometimes!

And here I am in my now infamous pinafore dress, surrounded by abandoned pantomime ephemera. I was pretending to be a girl running away with the circus or something, hence the wistful look! I do like to create characters for myself in shoots, it makes for much more interesting expressions.

So those are just two which have whetted my appetite for more! I am delighted with them, something a bit different from the norm, anyway. Do leave me a comment and let me know what you think. ๐Ÿ™‚

Obey my dog!*

Fleur xx

*PS. Yes, Zoolander is one of my favourite films.



pinafore looks good, Are you really going to War & peace, I'm considering flying over myself for the day, would be good to meet you all xx


You have the most wonderful look! I adore vintage fashion, and you look like you stepped straight out of a 40s pinup! ๐Ÿ˜€ Gorgeous.


Oh my GOSH, I LOVE these photos ๐Ÿ™‚ They're so awesome. Beautiful lighting – its very much in the style of Caravaggio, with the dark background and the poses.

The dresses of course, are stunning.
And I totally giggled at the Zoolander references hehee


These are fantastic… I love the juxtaposition of you and your lovely dresses and make-up against the broken down antiques, and the lighting. And you do look like a girl running away to join the circus.
I love your sense of humor, by the way, reading your blog always makes my day.

Fleur de Guerre

Thanks everyone! Glad you all approve!

Gothic Gentleman: Thanks! I'm just glad I took off Facebook notifications as I have had severel comments on the pics since monday!! Even though I knew it was coming, I'm still pleased to see everyone's positive reactions, even if RP have picked really old and not brilliant pics for some reason.


I love these photos: so classy and original, I would have loved to see that place!
I adore the pinafore dress – maybe because I have an insane passion for pockets!
I hope you don't mind if I put a link to your page on my blog: you're such an inspiration! If you don't want me to quote your page on my blog, anyway, please let me know. G.


These are lovely pics. Very wistful.
I also want to permanently rehome those trunks/storage chests – I absolutely love them.


I just got my very first Swirl dress yesterday! I think had it not been for your blog I never would have thought twice about it. But I am in love love love with it!


Lovely photos and I adore the yellow shoes and the pinafore dress. Since I'm new to you blog I just wonder how it became infamous?


Oh my! You look utterly gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™‚ The background and props are a really fun addition to your lovely dresses. The pinafore one has to be my favorite (but then again, I have a love of pinafore styles)!


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