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V.I Buys – frills and spills

It really is about time I showcased this next designer.

Loulou Loves You was born out of one girl’s knicker addiction and lifelong love of gorgeous lingerie. She hand-makes her deliciously frilly confections from pure silk satin and chiffon in her London workshop, and although not strictly vintage reproductions, Loulou’s creations are truly the last word in vintage inspired luxury and one can’t help but feel glamorous wearing them.

And not only that, but this wonderful knicker emporium is the very first brand I had the honour of modelling for, way back in the mists of time (or January 2008, if you prefer). I had known Loulou for a while through other websites we were both members of, and had met her a couple of times, but I got the ‘job’ quite randomly, through being in contact with a photographer by the name of Damon Allen Davison. Usually a music photographer, Damon told me that he’d been in touch with a lingerie designer and had offered to do a shoot for her… was I interested in taking part? Being still quite a fledgling model of a mere six months’ experience at this stage, I jumped at the chance and was incredibly chuffed to even be asked. But I was over the moon to discover it was Loulou’s designs that I was to model!

Even better, I was going to do it with neo-burlesque legend Beatrix von Bourbon. Hurrah! It was the most wonderful day. Here’s one of the last we did:

Me, Loulou herself, and Beatrix

I thought I’d show you all a couple more pictures from the shoot, taken in Loulou’s own, super stylish, London home. If you’ve poked about on my site or on my Myspace, you’ll have seen these pictures before, but I’m not sure if they’ve ever appeared on my blog. If you didn’t know I had flintlock pistols tattooed on my hips, you do now! Sadly a few of the styles I modelled are from her old collection, so I’ve not included them here, but if you’re curious about how they looked, do have a shufti at the shoot gallery on my site for more.

Pure silk boudoir jacket and knickers
from the eponymous Loulou range

Beatrix and I in Loulou sets

Designer extraordinare Loulou came out with her Summer 09 collection recently. It boasts new additions to the Loulou signature range and introduces her limited edition Lucinda range. These are modelled by the gorgeous Sapphire, and there are nipples ahead, so be warned!




Not forgetting the cheeky (literally!) Lydia knickers!

Loulou Loves You also features a stunning range of accessories, with pure silk bows, which double as brooches (and look so 40s when perched between some victory rolls!):

and the beautiful 20s inspired Lola headbands, plus fascinators and collars.

The lovely Loulou again
I am so proud to be associated with such a wonderful designer, and to count her as a friend. Now, everyone go and buy some pants, or feel the wrath of my knicker elastic!

Lots of Loulou love,

Fleur xx



wow, such amazing satiny sassiness! your tattoos are INCREDIBLE, btw! Thanks for doing this profile. I'll have to investigate this fantastic frou-frou-lerie further!



gorgeous gorgeous!! what is the lipstick shade you're wearing. I adore it.

Lady LA x

Rachael King

Good God! I LOVE your tattoos. You may be interested to know that my latest novel, which I am just finishing, features a protagonist who is heavily into collecting vintage clothing and tattoos. It's called Magpie Hall, and will hopefully be out in the UK next year.


I'm so glad I was introduced to your blog today (via andrea's blog) It's wonderful!

I am a big fan of LouLou Loves you as well! It's not as easy as it should be to find cute vintage inspired knickers!


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