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And the winner is….

Well I can only apologise for taking until today to do the draw – I spent Friday night at Sophie’s house icing cupcakes for the first Roaring For Teas cake sale, and Saturday at the Tashes annual cricket match selling said cupcakes. More on this soon! But first, let me announce the winners of the Scandalous High Socie-Tea ticket giveaway!

I took pictures of the draw, to ensure fairness. So here goes.

One vintage hat, and one pile of names…

The names go in…

The first name is drawn…

And it’s my dear friend Debs! So congratulations my lovely, complimentary tickets for you and your beloved Mr Doherty will be on the door at your arrival!

But… since Debs is a friend and I didn’t want to be accused of favouritism, I decided another pair of tickets should really be given away. So…

Another name is drawn…

And the victor this time is Sir Victor himself! Sir, a pair of tickets is yours, if you’d like to drop me an email at fleur@diaryofavintagegirl.com and confirm that you would definitely like your prize, you will be my guest of honour on the 5th!

Congratulations to both of my lucky winners, I can’t wait to see you on the 5th!


Fleur xx



Lucky people! I'd have loved to have entered/attended, but am already booked that weekend. Hope it goes really well – as I'm sure it will! 😀

Sir Victor Gizmo

Splendid !!!! Three almighty huzzahs!! with a pip pip hooray to boot!!
As I looked down the photos of the delightful hand of Fleur, delving into the wonderful vintage hat, I could hardly believe my eyes to see my name on the paper, ( in fact I had to retire to the library to steady my nerves with a supple of Sanatogen fortified wine)… Phew, I am fine now.
So myself and twin brother would be absolutely delighted to attend the Scandalous High Socie-Tea Party
must go now as the mother in law has turned the radiogram up far too loud!!…. Til next Time
Sir Victor G


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