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Celebrate the end of summer with me!

Hello all!

As alluded to in my post last week, I now have a new role in life as a vintage party-planner. My glamorous co-star, burlesque artiste Emerald Fontaine, and I have teamed up with a lovely, old-fashioned pub in Shoreditch called The Fox, which will be the location for all the forthcoming events. Following the completion of our brand-new website www.thefoxpresents.com (designed and constructed by me, who has no training in website design whatsoever… so please forgive the very unprofessional coding!), I can now fully reveal the details of our first event on September the 5th. So, without further ado, let me announce the first of many such fantastic vintage parties….

The Scandalous High Socie-Tea is going to be a party with a difference. We are transforming the inside of the Fox into an English country garden, replete with greenery, flowers galore, flags and bunting. The Fox has two levels – a ground floor with a circular bar, and lots of lovely dark wood, and the upstairs, which has a wood floor perfect for dancing, and a roof terrace, which we are turning into a croquet course. This spacious outdoor area will be set with tables and chairs too, for the elegant smokers who wish to indulge their vices away from the unwashed masses outside.

Every guest will receive a free Pimms cup, and cucumber sandwiches, served on beautiful vintage crockery; which has been supplied by our amazing sponsor Vintage Secret at Home. There will also be a pop-up cake stall run by Miss Sophie Jonas, whose chocolate company There May Be Truffles Ahead has recently expanded to a cake and cream tea service she likes to call Roaring For Teas. There will be a good old-fashioned Guess the Weight of the Cake raffle, with the victor taking away a classic victoria sponge filled with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam, lovingly handmade by me!

We are having a band, the Sax Pastilles, who will play sets throughout the evening. Described as “London’s newest Jazz sensation, they bring New Orleans to South London and the 1920’s up to date with toe tapping classic jazztastic tunes performed with a dash of humour and a pinch of pizazz”. Smashing! They’ll be breaking only to allow our four divine dancing girls a chance to shimmy their way into your hearts! You’ll be seeing Sophia St Viller, Miss Dolly Rose and Elle Amour, but also your hostess Emerald Fontaine, who’ll be debuting her decadent Marie Antoinette act – something you really don’t want to miss!

If live music and dancing girls aren’t your thing, stick to the downstairs area where we’ll be playing delightful 40s music, and serving vintage cocktails like Gin Fizzes and Mint Juleps; including a new one designed especially for us! The Roaring for Teas stall will be downstairs too, and everything will be a haven of civilised enjoyment.

The dress code is anything and everything vintage inspired and summer appropriate, think sun frocks and sun hats, blazers, straw boaters and linen suits, cricket whites, Land Girls and farmers, 1930s beach pyjamas, tea dresses, playsuits, tennis whites, tweed and plus-fours. Anything goes, as long as it’s not jeans and a t-shirt!

Tickets for the Scandalous High Socie-Tea cost Β£15 each and can be purchased from the Fox Presents… Box Office, but you can also buy them direct from me here! We are having them for collection at the door, because the postal service is notoriously unreliable these days.

Reserve your seats for the Scandalous High Socie-Tea today!

But that’s not all! Because I want as many glamorous vintage chaps and chapettes as possible attending, I would like to offer one lucky winner a pair of tickets for the event. If you’d like to win, please just leave a comment below, and tell me why you want to win! The winner will be announced on Friday, leaving all the runners up plenty of time to console themselves by purchasing their own tickets. πŸ˜‰

Here’s the flyer, if you’d like a closer look! Hope to see you all there.

Click to see it full size!

Fleur xx

I always did fancy seeing my name in lights!


Born too late

I would love to win tickets to this event because the following day I will be off slumming it round India with a backpack. It would be great to have an evening of fabulous glamour to remind me of all the wonderful English things I will miss on my travels and have one last oppurtunity to sport my red lipstick and pin curls which I fear will melt in the Indian climate πŸ˜€

Tifa DeLeone

I'm sure it will be an amazing event!
I won't be able to make it, living in Sweden and all, but have a drink for me!
I'm sure you'll be an excellent host!

The Glamorous Housewife

That. Looks. AWESOME!

Oh how I wish I could go. You must, must, must take loads of pictures and post so I can live vicariously through your blog.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife


The Webpage looks great Fleur! Very clean and readable!
Congratulations! Wish I lived across the pond so I could attend. Looks like it's going to be a great time!
Can't wait for pics of the event!

Debra Doherty

This sounds right up my street! I'm so there! Good luck with all the planning, let me know if I can do anything πŸ™‚ (So proud of you in a weird motherly sort of way!) x

Miss Jay in Oz

Hehe, I'm another who would absolutely love to attend, but due to locational challenges, will be unable to make it. *jealous*
It sounds wonderful Fleur, and what a great new venture!

Dorthe Mey

Look to be such a cool party. Would love to come, but unfortunately I live in Denmark. Hope I will be in London when you have another party… :o)

Love and hugs
Miss Mey

PS. The website is really cool!


Ooh this sounds like an amazing event can I wear my 'Land girl' jumper? Sounds like a right good knees up! x

Fleur de Guerre

I wish all you lovely commenters from abroad could come! Brits, you are all enetered into the giveaway, which I'll take pics of me doing so you know it's fair!

Delabela: Please do! I am going to be wearing a trouser outfit I think, in fact I might add something about clothing suggestions, so people know they're not restricted to posh stuff!

Sapphire Island

hi Fleur! Like I commented on a previous post, I would love to come and I will definitely be there.
I'm not a very 'vintage' person and I normally wear a lot of black and a leather biker jacket but I would love to come as this would be a chance for me to don my lovely vintage Laura Ashley floral dress, act like a real lady and really give the end of summer a good sending off!


We'd love to come, but unfortunately we'll be entertaining family that weekend! (And we live in Leeds). Hopefully it'll be a great success and we'll be able to come to the second one (?) though! John x


What a crying shame that it's in London. That's just too far for me to travel, so I'd probably have to stay somewhere overnight. Which I totally cannot afford.

So sad, I'd love to come!


I thought I would write a poem to win tickets, so I tried an on-line limerick generator, it came up with this:

Did you see the big flea that's on scandalous high tea
Bite my hand and my toe and my society?
It's all over the fleur,
In my hair, on my sure.
Now I see that the flea is on me.

Very surreal, my own effort is this:

There once was a young lady called Fleur,
Lipsticked, coiffed and seemingly demure,
but she shocks high society,
with hoopla, scandal,
and non-sobriety
And in that resides her real allure!

c'mon… the poet laureate has nuffin on me!

Minna x

Alice E. Smith

This event looks beautiful, and superbly timed for my imminent arrival in London town on the 30th of August. Very excited to slink amongst the vintage dollies of the UK! Alice x

Little Miss B

I would love to win the tickets because it sounds like amazing fun and because I work at a different pub called the fox and getting out is always good!

Karen Lyne

I would love to come because I am a London girl stuck here in the country and need a good excuse to get back. Plus it is two days before my birthday and I have just passed my solicitor exams so all in all this would be a good way to celebrate!

Ms de Vil

I would love to win tickets becuase quite frankly who wouldn't, this sounds like an absolutely amazing affair and would love to be there.

Good job by the way.


A mate of mine back in America told me about your blog and it is lovely!

I would love to win because I have long wanted to do more vintage rockabilly events but none of my friends are into it. I always need to bribe them to come with me which is rather exhausting-

Am planning on coming no matter what. Looks like a lot of fun!

I LOVE the idea of vintage party planning and am jealous I did not think of is sooner.

Good luck!


I'd love to go! The best thing about living in London as a transplanted Canadian is all the great event opportunities! Please pick me!


Wow, this sounds fabulous!

Random coincidence of the century is that I'm actually down in London that weekend. I've literally just found out I'm pregnant though and don't feel particularly glamourous at the moment πŸ™

Sir Victor Gizmo

Hi Fleur,
Even as I type I am checking the electronic webular comunications panel, hoping that I am the winning bidder on a rather splendid outfit for your upcoming sumptious soiree!!
I have persuaded my twin brother to accompany me, ( as being of polite society ) I may become flushed and in need of assistance at the sight of ravishing ladies performing burlesque routines……this said he is of minimal funds at the moment so we would be eternally greatful to win the aforementioned tickets and may even find some spare change to purchase yourself a pimms !! Anyway I have a tradesman at the front door so must bid you farewell…. Til next time. G


oh it looks such fun.

I've been looking for somewhere fun to go for ever. An old friend is down that weekend and i reckon this might be just the ticket. Now i have dress up dilemmas…


I would be delighted to win tickets, as it takes me so long to look glamourous darling, that i just don't have the time to buy tickets… sigh….. Is it gin and tonic time yet?


I'd like to win so I can come along and create some scandal. Alas, it's my brothers birthday on the same day and family BBQ planned. However if I win I will dump the family like a hot brick! Ha ha!

Suzi x


I wrote a poem too:

There was a young lady called Fleur
Who? She? they said. "No it's 'er!"
Nice shoes and dresses
And victory rolled tresses
You can't miss that Fleur De Guerre!


Fleur – firstly may I congratulate you on a fabulous blog and for creating such a wondeful event!

I would love to win the tickets, quite simply because I need a little more glamour in my life. And, as Loretta Young once said, glamour is something you can't bear to be without once you're used to it.

(Edited due to some quite atrocious typos. Typing with nails is a nightmare!)



A foxy present was this
For people who like the bliss
Of being scandalous and naughty
Glamour girls in the forties
It’s the vintage party that no one dares miss!

I'd love to win tickets, but I think I have left it a little too late. Never mind, I will more than likely buy tickets anyway as it sounds like a fabulous night!


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