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A lovely surprise!

When I arrived home last night, following a flying visit to the Vintage Secret boudoir for a photo opportunity (so I might be appearing in the Telegraph, illustrating an interview with Naomi the owner), I was pleasantly surprised to find a big envelope on my doormat containing a CD. On the disc were the final retouched pictures from the shoot I did with Chris Reeve, back in early May. I have a rather exciting meeting/interview later, so no time for real substance to this post, I just wanted to show the pictures off, as I think they are rather super!

Click all of them to see them bigger – I don’t want to be obnoxious and post giant ones on here, but the editing and photography is really great so you don’t get the full effect on the small ones.

This one is retroactively inspired by Mad Men, seeing as how I shot it in May and only saw
MM for the first time last week. But it reminds me of it, rather!

Driving Miss Fleur! I’m sitting in a lovely 1950s Porsche 356, which belongs to…

Mark Baumann, who is a UK TV chef, and the chap in this picture!
This one especially needs to be seen big. I look mean!

I believe this jacket is 80s at the earliest, as vintage fans may be able to see from the armholes.
But I like it anyway!

Just for fun, at the end of the shoot, a bit of B-Movie horror!
We wanted to do a sort of pulp fiction novel cover!

I’ll let you all know how today goes! This is what I am wearing and how I look today, just being myself as honesty is always the best policy, I feel. Plus it’s the sort of place where style is appreciated.

Would you give this girl a job? She will brush her hair again before she leaves. 😉

Bye for now, folks!

Fleur xx




Oh! These photos are smashing, Fleur! I especially love that red blazer… so snappy!

Sending lots of good wishes for the interview! 🙂

Miss Jay

Those shots are great! I love the B grade horror one, and that car… droooool…
Hope the interview was fabulous!!


What an exciting bunch of photos! You must be so thrilled to have these in your portfolio. I loved looking at all of them. And good luck!

The Momma

I am having photo shoot envy! Those are TERRIFIC! Good luck on your interview! I'd hire you (for what I'm not sure, since I'm a stay-at-home-mom)!!

Icy @ Individual Chic

I've ended up here via A Cat of Impossible Colours. The photo shoot is amazing. The driving shot and the red jacket shot are wonderful. I love your stern and confident look.


You both look absolutely gorgeous. Fleur, I'm swooning over your cardi, though! Regarding your previous pics, I have to say the "Pulp Cover" image is UNBELIEVABLE (then again, all of them are stunning). There's something about THAT one, though, that is just particularly flawless. xoxo

PS: I am absolutely honoured that you have listed my blog on the left of your page!!!

Super Kawaii Mama

Dear Fleur, Will you Marry me? 🙂
What a fantastic selection of shots. The composition, colour, lighting all excellent , and of course the subject is rather stellar too. 😉
xx Always, SKM


Love the pics but it's kinda funny that your all in the 1940 look and you have the new apple phone


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