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The return of summer… finally!

After three terrible summers in a row, this season began with so much promise. June was a scorcher, but July unfortunately started badly and finished worse, with all manner of rain, every day – from drizzle to downpours. However, this weekend, it finally felt like summer was back. I had to spend Saturday holed up doing various bits of work – writing and designing a website for a forthcoming party (more on this later), none of which allowed me to be outside enjoying the sunshine. But on Sunday, I escaped to the country for a bit of R&R and tasty barbeque food with the parents.

It started hot, and remained so all day. My poor black kitties can’t cope with sunbathing, so they stuck to the shady areas in the courtyard next to my flat.

(By the way, do any of you out there have curly tailed cats? My two are brothers, but Inigo has a completely normal tail, whereas Fezzik’s curls like a little danish pastry! He can straighten it, but it’s always curled when he’s walking around. It’s cute!)

Anyway, I set off for my parents’ house at lunchtime, and my Dad had the BBQ going already. I rarely eat meat, but there’s something about blackened sausages that makes me both nostalgic, and hungry! Together with my mum’s lovely, colourful salads, it was an absolute feast!

Then Richard Branson sailed past in a balloon!

Not really, I expect he is sunning himself on Necker Island, or somewhere like that. But oh! How I want to have a go in a hot air balloon!

After eating, my dad was imposed upon to take some outfit photos. This really is something I just threw on, as I hadn’t planned to go out, and my hair was certainly not fit for public consumption! But I ended up trying a new hairstyle since I was suffering from a severe shortage of bobby pins (where the heck DO they all go?!) and couldn’t therefore pin my rat in very securely. But first, the whole shebang!

Beadle claw!

This is a cotton dress that I believe is handmade, although it’s a very professional job. It has a shirred waist, that is unfortunately rather high on me, so it doesn’t nip in at my narrowest point and thus isn’t as flattering as it might be. I do tend to wear this dress just for knocking about it for that reason, and also for dancing as it’s sleeveless and the elastic waist means it is not remotely restrictive. But the print and pocket details are fab!


I wore it with my trusty Keds, which I’m sad to say are actually falling apart now, and look rather scruffy. But again, fine for knocking about in! I wish they were better made – the problem is that the rubber heel wore through very quickly, and walking has started to erode the wedge, and the fabric covering it is fraying. Plus the edging has come away from the sole in places. Boo, hiss!

As for my hair, I just parted it in the middle, and twisted two small front sections back and pinned them. Then I just braided my hair on each side and pinned the plaits to my head behind the pinned twists. And that was it! My hair is just a little bit too short for the braids to properly overlap – the hair at the top is just the very tips and therefore the braid had ‘run out’! But it still looked quite nice, albeit a bit messy. I wore it with my trusty 60s faux-pearl earrings, as you can see, and my totally modern mother of pearl bangle.

After debating for all of 5 minutes on Saturday, whether I should give up my eyeliner flicks in favour of a more 40s look or not, I decided that you can prise my liquid liner from my cold, dead hands! It does seem to suit me more than ‘naked’ eyes do. I tried a little pale pink eyeshadow for a change, to complement my dress, and I rediscovered my BΓ©same lipstick that I got as part of a set (as mentioned in an earlier post). I have been wanting to try a pink lipstick for a while, but for some reason, it never occurred to me that I already have one! It’s one of their Classic Enchanting Lipsticks, and I believe it’s the Debutante Pink colour. I really quite like it, what do you think?

I just need a matching liner now!

Hoping you all had spiffing weekends,

Fleur xx

PS. Awww



In case you were thinking of replacing your Keds, I picked up that exact pair for 7.99 in my local TK Maxx the other day, very chuffed!

I really like them although I get a few odd looks when I wear them for some reason…


You look lovely!! That dress is just the sweetest–I love those little numbers that are perfect for just lounging around in on the weekends (but still are awfully cute). Oddly enough: I arranged my hair nearly the exact way yesterday too! lol. re: bobby pin disappearance… Mine are always falling out in odd places or getting lost in piles of junk. Or getting shoved in the little bowl I use to hold pins and bracelets. lol. Or my husband finds them on the floor (ouch!) or the vacuum sucks them up… haha! I finally went out an bought a 1 pound box of them in January–so far I haven't run out! lol.

The last photo is so adorable. πŸ˜‰


Miss L Fire do something similar to those Keds. I think they are called Miss Tennis. I got them and they are so comfortable. the only issue is is that they are white canvas… and they get dirty very very quickly.

Nadja, Lillen och Lillens pappa

You look lovely!
Abotu the bobbypinns; If you ask my fiance about them heΒ΄ll answer iΒ΄ve got to manny! He always find mine (in the bed, the sofa, on the carpet- I never find them there!) and puts them in a closet or in the kitchen in a glas (when he knows that their place is in the bathroom- sadly I will never truly understand men, but they are good bobypin"finders" (or hunters)!

The Glamorous Housewife

Sounds like a wonderful day. And I like seeing you more 'casual'. The pink lipstick suits you. I wore my hair in a very similar style this weekend, but I left the braids hanging down like braided pigtails. I think I will post a snap later today if you want to check it out.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife


Inigo and Fezzik? You have some movie taste! I love The Princess Bride and Shaun of the Dead. πŸ™‚

I like this look, very soft!


Your hairstyle is fab for hot summer days πŸ™‚ I can never make mine look that neat, it's thick and curly so it's always fun to try and make vintage inspired styles work on it! And as for bobbypins, I tend to moult them wherever I go, I'd be easy to find, follow the trail of bobbypins! Other than that, I have no idea where they go, same place as hair ties and odd socks I think!

Q's Daydream

You look perfect!!! That dress is darling!!! I have one similar and like you wear it for running around. I can't tell you how much I adore your hair!!! I am growing my hair out now and hopefully next summer I'll be able to style it that way!

That picture of your parents is the cutest! :o)



Fleur, let me make a suggestion… have you tried to add to the waist of the dress a stripe of cotton in a shade of pink , like the bies on the pockets, that matches with that colour? If you add a double layer of a wide stripe of fabric, you can introduce an elastic band, and it would add some lenght to the body of the dress, so the waist can be in the place you need it to be. Later, if you don,t like it to show, just add on the sides and on the back thin stripes of the same material, to put a belt into them. The belt, if wide enough, would cover the fabric, and there would be no signs of arrangements.

Little Miss B

You look lovely, the dress is perfect for a sunny bbq.
I suggest you check the bottom of your handbags for your bobby pins, that's where mine always turn up!


I love your blog, and adore your style! πŸ˜€
SO much inspiration -thank you

xx from Norway


You look cute – it's a nice casual look and I have to agree on the liner – it really does suit you!

Oh and the Bobby pin's – I think there must be little fairies that take them in the night – along with 1 sock from each pair and hair ties lol πŸ™‚


Looking lovely as ever πŸ˜‰

Isn't it a pain with shoes how some don't last at all! They should be able to take a battering IMHO πŸ˜€

Your kitties are ever so cute too. I don't know about curly tails but we had a family of kitties back when I was little who all inherited a kink in the end of their tail. The last inch or so of their tails was always twisted sharply to one side as if broken…Which of course they were never broken – just born that way. So I guess it's not too unusual to have wonky tails on kitties πŸ˜‰


Oh, pretty outfit! I love the hair. It looks like you had such a fun day! I commiserate about losing bobby pins. I'll buy a pack and before I know it, they've all disappeared. Where DO they all go? I suppose they must fall out in random places. I'm sure there are a fair few hiding with dust bunnies in dark corners of my house and in my car!

My kitty has a curly tail, too! Hers curls when she is happy, which is quite adorable. I don't know if hers is hereditary, though, as her brother doesn't have a curly tail. Yours are so cute!

Emma G

I think it's wonderful that your dad takes your outfit pictures when he's around πŸ˜€

By the way I too love the more casual look on you it's nice for a change πŸ˜€

Jessica Cangiano

This post has so marvelously captured a great many elements that make summer so sublime. From mouth-watering nibbles to the gentle perfection of soul-soothingly warm sunlight. So very lovely, thank you for sharing these wonderful shots.

Wishing you a bright, beautiful weekend!
β™₯ Jessica


I have several shoes that wore as yours are and I just took them to my cobbler and had him fix it. It was about $10 and he replaced the sole and even mended the leather that had worn! Definitely worth the money.

Fleur de Guerre

You are all lovely!

Alraune, that sadly wouldn't work as the dress has a large shirred waist panel!

And Kathy, that would sadly not either as the sole is composite rubber and the heel is covered in patterned fabric not leather πŸ™


Sorry, Fleur!! Most of times clothes can be arranged, but this time it seems that it,s not possible! Anyway you look great, hi hi! Lucky girl!


A friend just shared a link to your blog… I just LOVE IT! Also, you rock for naming your cats Inigo and Fezzik.

I'm more a 1930s girl myself but I just love seeing people who are serious about any vintage era and really make the effort to do it right. Keep it up! I'll be coming back for more!


I love your blog! You are truly inspiring. Oh and I know now where all the bobby pins go, last week i opened the filter of my washing machine to empty it and found about 20 pins! I have no idea how exactly they got there..another mystery solved! πŸ˜‰


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