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V.I. Buys – more foot-based fancies!

Happy Friday everyone!

I thought it about time I shared some more lovely repro shoes with you all.

The long awaited (by me) Judy shoe from Rocket Originals has finally been released! Just in time to catch the dying days of summer, but I am hoping to invest in a pair to begin next summer with, to replace my old faithful Connies and Remix sandals which have all now seen better days. Anyone who reads this will know what a huge fab I am of Rockets, they just make such wonderful products and are such lovely people to boot. The Judys are no exception to the loveliness:

Aren’t they cute? From the site:

We had these copied from a late 1940’s/early 50’s American pair of sandals, and we chose this design as it’s so typical of a casual wedge sandal from this era, and also for their dance ability – wear ability – and comfort. You’re going to love them! They can be worn just as easily on the pavement as the dance floor – no having to change shoes because the shoes you like to dance in can’t handle outside wear!

However, I did read the dreaded words, “THE SIZES ARE SMALL SO YOU MAY NEED TO ORDER A SIZE LARGER THAN YOU WOULD USUALLY TAKE.”at the bottom – say it isn’t so! Being a size 8, there’s never usually anything larger. I hope to go and try them on in person at an event soon, so as to save Kaye (and myself) the trouble of returning them if they are too small.

My next confection is a lovely design from Clarks. They often reissue shoe designs from their archives, and these are from their 50s era. But I think they could pass very well for WWII era utility wedges!

Wedges were everywhere in the early 40s, much to the consternation of many women, who deemed them ‘clumpy’. Here’s picture from The 1940s Look, showing such a shoe:

It’s actually on the cover, as I just realised whilst looking it up on Amazon for the link! It’s a fab book, by the way, so if you haven’t got it, go and buy it now!

In other news, I just found out today that I did not get the job I interviewed for last week. I was kind of a wild card applicant anyway, not having quite the right experience, though I would have been great at it, I think! However it was not meant to be, and it’s come as something of a relief, since I never intended to get another full-time job, and was becoming increasingly concerned that I wouldn’t have enough time to dedicate to all my other forthcoming projects. So, simultaneously boo, and hooray, I will be sticking to my original plan and striking forth on my own! Good luck to me! 🙂

Talking of projects, I have now had a wonderful response to my ticket giveaway – stay tuned because I’ll be picking the winner out of a (vintage) hat tonight at midnight (well, bedtime, whichever is earlier) and announcing the lucky blighter then. Still a few hours left to enter!

All the very best to you all,

Fleur xx

PS. UK readers can see me in the Telegraph newspaper today, accompanying an article about retro-socialising. Well, part of me, peeking out behind a vintage dress being held up by the amazing 60s burlesque super-spy Agent Lynch! The picture was at the Vintage Secret boudoir, and the whole article is worth a read, featuring VS, as well as my chums at the New Sheridan Club, the Chap, and more.

It is me, honestly! 😉


Helen Highwater

The Judys look lovely but alas too small for me! However, I went to have another look at their shoes anyway and bought myself some size 9 Saddle shoes. I've wanted Saddle shoes for nearly 10 years but never got up the courage to order them from America. so I think that makes them my… erm… 4th pair of Rocket Originals. :-O

Bad Fleur, making me spend money…. 😉

Betty Lou

oh i saw the rockets yesterday and started drooling a bit 😀 too bad it's september soon and a bit cold.

i loooove the clarks! i've been wanting something similar for a while now but never found anything that looked nice. so thank you for sharing! hopefully i'll find them in sweden. i wanna go to london, you've got the best shoestores!


Hello, I'm an avid lurker of your blog and I love your vintage style! I see that you wear a snood a lot and would love to wear one too, but would like some help in the best way to fasten it to your hair. Could you do a tutorial? You wear one so well, I would love to know how you do it!

Shrinky Inky

i saw those rocket shoes yesterday and i thought, hmm, Inky, you have no beige shoe…..and the pleasure of living in Central California is I can wear them just about year round. they've been moved to the top of the covet list. i hear they are nicer than Remix!


I blogged about those Clarks shoes as well, I really want them!

I like the Rockets but I'm after the black/grey version of the Esther wedges which are apparently due in October…sigh


I have the connies in all 3 colours
have had 5 pairs to date!! I live in them!! Always admired!

I'm having those Judy's for sure,
to go with my new frocks of course!!

Thanks for posting

"The Golden Girl of the West"

Hi Fleur,

Those are swell! I have a pair of Rocket's and I too love them! Will definatley have to have those Judy's in my closet though! They sure do a great job authentically reproducing!

Yes! I have that book too! It is a great source of information. Every Vintage Enthusiast should have a copy!

Hope you are doing well!


Helen Highwater

Oh the bags are fab! Note how, now I've bought so many of their shoes, they've named a bag after me.

(hohoh… not really… just one of the many amusing things that happens when your surname is a noun).


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