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Playing Dressup

There’s nothing I like more than dressing up to the nines! And unfortunately, now I’m working from home and lacking in human company, there are fewer reasons to do so. So I have enjoyed these last few days immensely!

I wish I had some photos to show you from Thursday! I was working at the Fashionably Late event at Oasis Oxford Street. I was there as part of the Vintage Patisserie team, serving delicious little cupcakes, free Smirnoff and Cranberry drinks, and scooping popcorn at the in-store cinema. I wish I had got to see the September Issue, which was showing, sadly I was on the wrong side of the velvet curtain… but it sounded excellent! There were a lot of familiar names on the guest list that didn’t appear: Kelly Osborne, Lily Allen and so on; but a few recognisable faces turned up. I spotted drag queen Jodie Harsh and Rachel Stevens, who is tiny and beautiful! I hope some pictures will surface, but do have a look at the blog for a photo of the glamorous Slinky Sparkles and Lottie in their little black dresses and pinnies!

On Saturday, I was invited by the Chap‘s editor, Gustav Temple, to perambulate around the Thames Festival Classic Rally, which is a brand new event, billed as ‘Goodwood on water’. I took the gorgeous Naomi of Vintage Secret, and we dressed in our vintage best – me in a 30s repro dress and Naomi in a genuine 40s one – and arrived in the mid-afternoon. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the event itself was fabulous fun. We posed on some lovely vintage boats for the PR shots (which, again, I hope to see soon!), ate some delicious food and listened to the band, which coincidentally contained two members of the Sax Pastilles, who played at my party! Here’s what we wore!

My dress is from Tarantula, my shoes from Remix, and my hat is vintage. Naomi’s dress and Corde handbag are from her shop Vintage Secret!
We then returned to the same location, St Katharine Docks, later on that evening, to attend the maiden voyage of the SS Atlantica. It’s a new event from the lovely people that brought us the Blitz parties, and it was organised to mark the first Classic Rally, with all the boat owners there as guests of honour. I wore my only 30’s style, full length gown, and I am so cross with myself for forgetting to take a picture of Naomi’s incredible, original 30s dress, which has to be seen to be believed! If I find one, I will post it for you all to drool over!

The night itself was fun, although the venue was an open plan office… and it looked it. A bit of red velvet drapery did nothing to disguise it. Sorry to the organisers for that complaint – the entertainment was great and the attendees very glamorous, and I would definitely go again. I also had the pleasure of meeting two blogging friends, Caroline from Second Hand Shopper and Lauren from Mystery Creature, both of whom looked absolutely fantastic!

Clockwise from left: Me in my dress from Warehouse, with Caroline, and with Lauren! The pics with the girls were taken on Caroline’s camera (thanks lady!)

Hope you’ve all had a spiffing weekend? I am off to the Goodwood site tomorrow for an important meeting about my role at Vintage At Goodwood, both at the taster event at next weekend’s Revival, and the full event next August! Exciting! More news soon.

All the very best,

Fleur xx


Fleur de Guerre

Thanks gals!

MR: Yes! I'll be there all weekend with Naomi – she's the big cheese really as she is running the V.at.G Emporium, I am just modelling, though obviously hoping for a bigger role at the main do. That's so awesome that you're getting involved too, high five! See you Saturday! 🙂


I love your blog Fleur! I always read it on my phone if I get a chance but never comment because my phone is annoying. I've grabbed some proper internet time while Pearl is asleep and got to look at all your beautiful pictures properly. I love the 30s dresses on you in this post, really beautiful! Your post-employment life seems bloody awesome.


I just want to tell you that I love your blog, it's like a travel in a vintage world.
Thank's for those sweet moments reading you.
Sorry , my english is not perfect.


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