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Scandalous High Socie-Tea!

So, it’s about time I shared the story of my very first ever vintage party, isn’t it? Well then, here goes nothing!

When I arrived at the Fox in the mid-afternoon, vintage crockery in my arms and an entire tree in the back of my car, the manager Martin and my co-host Emerald Fontaine were already cracking on with the decorating. The faux grass was laid, the croquet court ready, vases full of flowers were strategically placed. I attached my lovely, floral bunting to the stairs, set down my tree and laid out the vintage cups, then headed off upstairs with Emerald to write up the guest list, put tickets in envelopes; and finally, get ourselves ready for the grand premiere!

Our band for the night, the Sax Pastilles, arrived nice and early and began setting up. They couldn’t resist having a go on the croquet though!

The fantastic barstaff made a real effort with their outfits, as did Martin… and needless to say, Emerald and I did as well!

At 7pm, we positioned ourselves at the door. People started arriving almost immediately. Transplanted Danish pin-up model Darhling was the first to arrive, swiftly followed by Torquil Arbuthnot and Miss Minna of the New Sheridan Club. A steady stream of dapper gents and glamorous ladies continued well into the night. Here’s just a small selection!

The Sax Pastilles played an incredible three swinging sets, and were absolutely amazing!

There was some fantastic swing dancing to be seen, not to mention some energetic Charleston!

And then there were the divine dancing girls! (And yes, I have completely run out of steam on the collage making… sorry everyone!)

Top: Elle Amour, middle: Sophia St Villier, bottom: Dolly Rose

Throughout the evening, Sophie Jonas was selling her delicious cupcakes and truffles, all of which were highly recommended by the comsumers. Particularly popular were her Green Fairy cakes, each containing an entire shot of absinthe! I was delighted to meet my competition winner Geoff, aka Sir Victor Gizmo and his twin brother Vinnie, both of whom had bought themselves vintage suits for the occasion. Well done chaps, you both looked as dapper as could be! And my dear friend Debs and her husband were my other winners. I am so lucky to have such gorgeous, stylish friends!

All is now ready for our next big event, The Enchant-Ed Wood, which is taking place on Hallowe’en. As soon as the details are confirmed I will be posting here and offering some more free tickets to lucky recipients. However although the party was an outstanding success for a first night, we would love to get even more people through the door for the next one, so we’ve reduced the tickets to a credit-crunch friendly £10 if booked in advance. So if you want to come and have a bit of spooky fun with me and the team on Hallowe’en, then check back for more info, or alternatively, sign up to my new mailing list! You’ll find the box in the sidebar. Anyone’s of course welcome, but it’ll mainly be UK based news I’m sending out, just as an FYI.

More news soon, an incredibly busy few days and an even busier weekend to come! If anyone is going to the S.S. Atlantica night, see you there!

Fleur xx

Ps. If, for some reason, that isn’t enough photographic evidence of my smashing Scandalous Socie-Tea, the do check out the Flickr set!


Natasha Bailie

I wish I had come along, but I was otherwise engaged! Looks like you all had a great night 😉 I will definitely be trying to come along to the next event xx Bravo Fleur xx

Maria S. Varela

What a great party! it's lovely to see there's still smart vintage events..but I'm envying you egain 🙂
By the way, I send a request on myspace my photo profile and my personal, hope you will accept!


Oh, I'm so glad you posted this recap! Well done!!!

How I wish you would throw a soiree across the pond!!! Chicago would be perfect.

"Enchant-Ed Wood" sounds fabulous!

Take care,


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