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Service with a smile

I’ve just returned home from my second job as a glamorous vintage waitress, serving tea and cake to the fashion elite! I mentioned it briefly in passing, but now I have photos to show you of the rather splendid event I had the honour of working at a fortnight ago; and today’s job was with the same company. It’s one you should know about, if you don’t already!

Vintage Patisserie is the brainchild of entrepreneur and vintage enthusiast Angel Adoree, who started up her first cake-based venture in 2007. The T-Shirt Patisserie is a truly unique and marvellous site, wherein you can literally ‘bake’ your own gifts with your custom designs, mugs, cakes, chocolates and clothing. But, not content with offering such a smashing array of products, Angel set her sights higher, and decided to combine her love of baking and vintage into this new venture, the Vintage Patisserie. It launched in May this year, and thanks to a winning combination of a truly fantastic offering and some great press, Angel’s been inundated with work ever since.

The premise behind the Vintage Patisserie is simple – you book a party for six or more guests, and Angel and her army of pinup perfect waitresses comes to you, loaded down with delicious savoury treats, cakes and tea; serves it on vintage crockery, entertains you, and then takes it all away afterwards. Sound ssmashing, doesn’t it? It’s no wonder that when it came to the hospitality for their Fashionably Late soiree, Oasis (the fashion store, not the band!) chose Angel and VP to provide all the goodies. It was rather synchronicitous as she found me just as I had come out of work, so I was able to go along and help. And it was brilliant – hard work, yes, but really enjoyable.

Here we all are with our custom made cupcakes! Excuse my slightly wonky hair, it got the better of me and I gave up! I had some fabulous company in the other girls, particularly Angel herself at the front, Slinky Sparkles (the Marilyn-alike!) and Taj Noel Cambridge, who’s the gal second from right, and an amazing lingerie designer. I’ll be doing a post on her line, Bunnies Forever, soon!

Oasis had set up a lovely tearoom on the top floor, decorated with doilies and bunting, with lots of stylish customers ready for their cake!

I later waitressed in the cinema downstairs, serving popcorn to some familiar faces on the London scene! It was a long and tiring day, but a lot of fun; and Angel was impressed enough with my work to ask me to help her out again today. It was a lunch this time, but again for Oasis, who clearly recognise a good thing when they see it!

So, if anyone out there in London is planning a tea party, be it a birthday, wedding or bar mitzvah ( 😉 ) or a corporate shindig, there’s only one place you can get delicious food, served with a smile by the Big Smoke’s most glamorous waitresses.

Toodle pip!

Fleur xx



Wow, you all look so beautiful. I love the tray that you ladies used.

I will confess I laughed a little when I noticed that you were the only one with a skirt longer than her mid thigh. I wonder if you felt a little out of place? Everyone is wearing gorgeous shoes though, I will say I rather adore the champagne colored shoes on the beautiful blonde.

Sounds like it was a fun time. I love your blog and your style. Thanks for opening up your life a little for the rest of us. Hope all is well for you.

Fleur de Guerre

We all had to wear clothing from Oasis, but myself and the other cinema usherette had to wear little waistcoats and skirts. None of their pencil skirts fitted either of us, so we brought our own – hers is just about kneelength too but you can't see it too well! So no, I didn't feel out of place since I matched my waitressing partner! I would have felt massively odd wearing a minidress though, since I never, ever do. 😉


Oh! I love Slinky Sparkle's hair! I'd kill to have mine coiffed that way! I'm still at the beginning stages of using rolers though! 😉


It looks that is a great place and all of you look beautiful!!!
The hair of the blond girl is really really nice!
Ah! of course you look great too as always!

Ruby Roulette

Ooo what a fantastic job! I have worked in the hospitality industry for nearly 10 years (cafes, bars, events… you name it, I've probably done it!) and the one thing that has always bugged me is that anything other than jeans and sneakers is just not practical! You start to become quite daggy if you don't watch out, so I'm very envious that you get to dress up!


What a wonderful concept!! You look super cute. Hope you are having fun with it! Will you be working for them on a regular basis?


this is amazing! that looks like so much fun. i would love to get paid to play dress up every day. i wish we had a place like this in new york. actually, we probably do, and i just havent found it yet. love your blog!


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