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Sweet as sugar – Dolly bags!

You may remember a couple of months ago I did a post about a lovely friend of mine, and one talented lady, Dungaree Dolly. She’d kindly sent me a beautiful, fruit-print Carry All bag to model for her, which I was absolutely delighted to do. Well, I’ve been at it again, this time with her super-cute Bowling Bag!

These were taken after my Watercress Line shoot for World War II Re-Enactor’s Magazine, right at the end of the day. I did ask permission from the editor of the magazine, as he is still keeping the final front cover artwork very hush-hush for now! Luckily he didn’t mind at all. But what about the bag? Well, it’s a lovely, spacious design, and it comes complete with durable vinyl handles. She has an array of gorgeous fabrics, but mine is in a cupcake print, as you can see, and I wanted to wear it with my baby blue Dixabilly cardigan as it matched so well. Unfortunately, it was really hot, so the cardi soon came off!

I was hoping the train wasn’t going to leave in that one above! Luckily it was one of the good, old-fashioned slam-door trains such as I used to catch to college back in the day; so if necessary I could have done a daring, flying leap onto the platform, Lara Croft style!

I’m actually using my bowling bag as a totally fabulous vanity case – it had all my shoot makeup and hair essentials in it. That’s the beauty of Dolly Bags, they are all so versatile as well as being rather practical – they’re 100% washable and barely need the touch of a iron to keep them in perfect shape. Can you tell I am a huge fan? I’ve been buying Dolly’s products for years and use my carry-all on a daily basis, so it was an absolute joy and honour to model for her again. I am actually about to place yet another order, this time a surprise present for my best friend. Shh!

Best be off!

Fleur xx



Oh darling, I'm such fan of Dolly Bags! I've done two product reviews on my bags for my channel and I just did a video this week for Maternity Options for Retro Gals and of course I mentioned how important a good Dolly Bag is, as an accessory! LOL. Speak of the devil!


Love the overalls! The whole outfit works brilliantly, and of course the bag sets it off nicely. Bowling bags are brilliant for packing everything in (although I generally tend to pack in too much, poor bags!)


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