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Autumn Colours

Today I escaped from my desk and went for a walk with my lovely mum at the RHS Gardens at Wisley. This is our absolute favourite time of year, because all the trees are turning and there are some absolutely stunning sights to behold. It was actually quite warm – enough so to be removing our jackets halfway through the stroll. But despite the lack of chill in the air, I thought I would dress for the season in some darker shades than those I’ve shown on here recently. Of course, I co-erced my mum into taking some shots for me – the backdrops were too lovely to waste, and in a few weeks the spectacle will be over for another year. So here I am!

I know I am a walking advertisement for them, but yet again, my outfit is from Heyday! I paired the late 30s-style Olivia blouse (named after Ms de Havilland of course) with dark green trousers, which were the second ever pair I bought from Shona back in early 2007! Still going strong, as you can see! My jacket is another repro and it’s from a UK company called La Riviera, who don’t have a site and sadly won’t be getting one any time soon, if at all. I am looking forward to browsing their stall at Rhythm Riot though (where I bought it last year), and I think I will get a new one of these jackets. I might try a larger size next time, in the (vain) hope that the neck-waist length is longer – it’s not hugely flattering when it’s too high. I also bought the shoes at last year’s Riot, and they’re also on their last legs!

Our favourite tree is the one in the background on the left. It’s HUGE and turns vivid red from the tip to the ground. The acer on the right is one of the more beautiful ones, too (I have to confess, I am a budding plant nerd, but with only the tiniest fraction of my mum’s vast knowledge!). I did my hair in victory rolls with a flower and the back thrown up into a dark green snood, faux-pearl clip on earrings and my old faithful Mah Jong bracelet on my arm.

I love the bonsai garden, and this time of year the miniature acers look so beautiful. The white pine is so graceful all year round! I gave my mum one for Christmas two years ago, but hers is only about 7 years old and the one above is more like 70, so it has a long way, and probably several human lifetimes to go! The red bush was one I just couldn’t resist capturing as I passed.

Hope you enjoyed my autumnal outfit – have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Fleur xx



I think you'd like the Fall here. It's so far, beautiful, although from what I have been told, not even properly started yet in terms of colours!

Yesterday Girl

Hi Fleur! Firstly, I can no longer see the photos on your blog for some reason! I can only see text, which is rather annoying when I can read everyone's comments about your clothes and I can't see them! unfortunately when it comes to technology my mind is well and truly still in the 40s! Hopefully this blip will just pass and I don't actually have to mend it myself. Secondly, thank you so much for your invitation to the EnchantEd Wood evening, my +1 is called Rosy, and by the way my name is Jennifer, if for some reason I don't make it, I will look out for you at the Rhythm Riot, and come and say hello! x


Fleur, autumn suits you superbly!!! I just love your hair like that. I always have such trouble getting my rolls to lie flat and smooth at the back and then, to "bloom" at the front. Have you done a roll tutorial yet?? Pretty please?!!


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