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Hot rods a-plenty!

Yesterday I did my second shoot as a stylist, this time at a Hot Rod garage in deepest, darkest Bedfordshire. The girl was a lovely wee thing called Emmie Ann, and I was working with my chum Tony Nylons again. I can’t wait until I have some photos to show you of the results of my hard work, but until then, here’s one Tony took of me, my new car, and my new friend Poppy!

I jest – as if I could afford a fabulous hot rod like that! However, there will be plenty more for me to sigh over this weekend, because I’m headed to Hemsby! I’ve never been and I’m scared all the die-hard rockabillies and 50s addicts will think I am a big, 40s fraud! But I am looking forward to catching up with the lovely Rascal again. If you’re going, come and say hi – I’ll be manning (or ladying) the Heyday stall with the lovely Shona. If you aren’t going, but are curious to see what it’s like, never fear for I’ll take lots of pictures to bore you all with in due course!

One last one of me in a super old American pick-up!

Tinkety tonk!

Fleur xx


Shrinky Inky

the die-hard rockabillies and 50's addicts will all be asking how you did your hair and where you buy your clothing — trust me, that day I finally went out with rolls it's all i got from the "cool kids" in town!

you'll be smashing!!

Andi B. Goode

I'm sure the die-hard rockabillies and '50s addicts will love your style! Have fun at the event – the only Kustom Kulture event we have in Adelaide is very, very poor indeed.
-Andi x
PS Looking forward to seeing the photos! And you're a very stylish stylist. ;]


I am an American who has only yesterday discovered your blog. I've recently revisited my love of the 1940s while shopping for a vintage travel camper. What you've done so far is lovely, and I am looking forward to reading more. Cheers.

Maria S Varela

First of all..looking forward to see the result of your shooting!
Second, sure you'll have lot of fun at Hemsby! pity I can't go and say hi..I'm also a 30s 40s enthusiast and have gone to several 50s parties, and it's always funny to see how most of 50s rockin people loves older things too 😉

Emmie =)

Fleur is a fantastic stylist and they will love her to bits at Hemsby!

Fantastic pics!!


Hello, this is a very long time that I come here without leaving any comments.

When I discovered your blog, I had a stroke of heart, and since that day I come here almost every day!

I'm sorry for my English, I do not speak it at all, I live in France, near Paris.

I just wanted to tell you that, thanks to you, there was a sense of reliving all these years and not attending a remake.

Much Love,


I love that you said "I'm scared all the die-hard rockabillies and 50s addicts will think I am a big, 40s fraud!" I always feel that way too! I'm glad someone like you also has felt the same thing. But! I'm sure that once you're there, if someone is giving you a look, it will only be a look of envy! And don't be surprised if you get questions from them about your clothes and hair. They'll come 😉

gem fatale

Gorgeous pictures! I'm styling a shoot for Uni at the moment. It's so stressful! But fun.
Feel free to stop by my blog if you'd like to win a Liberty eco bag worth £50! xo


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