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New hair tutorial: 1940s faux bangs

Dear all,

I spent most of yesterday recording and editing my new hair tutorial… before giving up and re-recording it in one fell swoop (cutting out only about a minute’s worth of waffle to make it fit!). The only goof was when I fumbled, and almost dropped my rat about 2 minutes in, but when I played it back, it actually made me chuckle, so it’s stayed in!

All the potential screengrabs were thoroughly awful – this is the best of a bad selection!

As ever, do let me know what you think! I will edit this post to answer any questions for future reference.

Pip pip!

Fleur xx



Well done Lady! 😀 I've tried SO many ways of doing this whilst trying to resist the urge to cut my bangs back in, and this one looks like it just might work. Also I have decided on going out for Halloween as the original Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter and so require that exact level of fringey goodness 🙂

Thankyou, dear xx

Betty Lou

thank you for doing this! it's great! i've always wonderd how you do your bangs, it's so perfect!

I've never tried with a rat but i think i'll give it go soon. I have one like yours, think it's froom boots. The problem is just that it's brown and i have orange hair.


This really is a great tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing your tips and tricks! I feel pretty confident to try this look after watching your video, thanks tons!


Great tutorial ! Clear, no-nonsense,
informative and you end up looking lovely. A tip, you´ve got a beautiful smile – use it at the end when you´re done !:)

the freelancer's fashionblog

Well done Fleur!
I've been thinking of growing my bangs out and just go for a faux one when I feel like it, it's sometimes hard to "hide" the bangs, if too short, if you want a 'do without them.

How do you add your hair to the rat btw? Just tucking it in r twisting some around? I've never thought of that…


really really nice video!!! i need to wait a little bit to have my hair as long as yours, but hopefully, in a few weeks, i will be able to do the same!

that's just a little bit sad you don't smile, it is like… you're unhappy to do this video! i'm sure it is not easy to do it alone, but please, you have wonderfull lips and smile, for your next video, it will be required!

erphyree, a french fan 🙂


You made it seem effortless me dear! I actually feel confident enough to try that out, and I usually have two thumbs when it comes to hair-styling, so if I feel confident then that was a very good tutorial. I just need to get the rat now, and I am all set! Thank you so much, really enjoyed it!

Marie M

Nice !!!! I do my bang just rolling my hair but i think that is more secure…. I will try ! with a hat it's beautiful too !

Sirens Sexy

I really LOVED this tutorial. You have a very nice voice! I have been wanting to try the faux bangs for awhile, but I didn't know where to get the long roll. I have seen the donut rolls, but it never occurred to me to cut it and sew the ends (I'm lame).

Thanks for all the great advise! Hope to see more soon 🙂

esme and the lane way

Oh thanks so much for doing this – I can't wait to try it out! (I need to work out how to get my side sweepy rolly thingies to link up to my faux bang neatly).

I have hoped you would do this for months, and I am so glad you have! Yay!

Fiona Timantti

Very nice tutorial indeed!
Remember that you can also make the rat using fake hair. It's a little less disgusting 🙂 It works for me, and i haven't seen red rats yet…

Karen Lyne

Brilliant Fleur, just what I was waiting for! Do you think I will look sufficiently "land girl" if I wear it with my lovely police uniform?! It's time the "vintage me" was allowed at work!!

Shrinky Inky

thank you Fleur! I've been waiting to try this and with your help (again!) I am ready to give it a go. We'll let you know how it turns out.


This is fab Fleur, thanks! I've wanted to know how to do this for SO long! Do you think you could do a tutorial on victory rolls at some point? I can never make them work in my hair, much as I try, and yours always seem to work rather well! x


Has anyone ever told you your voice is soooo soothing? I actually feel myself relaxing watching your tutorials! 😉


I wish I'd waited before I cut my fringe again 🙂

Brilliant tutorial, and it's so good to see another English girl doing them.

esme and the lane way

I just watched it – thanks so much for making this. It has answered my questions about the end bits, and how to make the U shape. I might skip my bike ride today so I can do this instead 🙂

Andi B. Goode

Hurrah! Success! I have finally beaten my internet into submission and have just been able to watch the entire tutorial. I just need to go find myself a bun ring to massacre as I, too, find the idea of using my own hair in a hair net rather disgusting.
-Andi x
PS We call them bobby pins out here in the colonies, too. ;] But curvy grips sounds kind of cute.

Risque Rose

Another wonderful tutorial, but I have an awful feeling you're going to cost me a fortune what with already buying (and loving) my Hot Sticks and Tresemme Freeze Hold and now a rat…which I've already seen in Boots for about a fiver… Anyhoo, already looking forward to the next tutorial, especially if there's more fumbling 😉


Great tutorial!!!!
I will try this as soon as i have the time, it looked awesome and very easy to understandl. Must get my hands on a nice chiffonscarf because that look was smashing!

Thank you Fleur!!!


I've always been terrible at doing my own hairstyles of any kind, but you made this seem so easy. I tried it out really fast today, and I think it's really something I could do with a little practice! I can't wait to see more of your hair tutorials. You really do a great job of explaining everything, while showing what you're actually doing.


I just purchased my little hair donut and it has worked a treat. Absolutely perfect with so little fuss. And it stays in!! Amazing, thank you! xx


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