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Well I’ve been up and about for an hour thanks to the kind soul who thought 8am was a good time to get the chainsaw out in his garden (which backs on to mine), but I can’t get too cross as I have tons to do before the party tonight. And on that note:

Taken by the lovely Sean Kelly, aka O’Malley, at the very end of our shoot on Wednesday!

I hope that whatever you do, you have a spooktacular time, free from teenaged ruffians knocking on your door and demanding money, then throwing eggs at your house and car if you don’t give it to them (welcome to Hallowe’en in the UK)! This is why I say ‘Bah Humbug’ (or the Halloween equivalent) and go out on this day every year.

The great news is that the party has sold out, so we have a full house and a very exciting event lined up. Can’t wait to show you all the photos!

Lots of love,

Old Witch McFleur xx



free from teenaged ruffians knocking on your door and demanding money, then throwing eggs at your house and car if you don't give it to them

Oh I completely agree! We get 6 ft teenagers with moustaches banging on the door until nearly 11pm and one year they scratched our car as the 'trick'. We go out every year now – a friend's party this year – so sorry I cannot make your 'do' but I just know you and everyone who is going will have a wonderful time!

Miss Emmi

As a RAAF child, I spent a lot of my youth living in various locations. One of the places we stayed at the longest was America, and I still miss how excited everybody was about halloween 🙁 over here in Australia we only ever get teenagers who don't dress up… and nobody decorates their houses. (I do though – on the inside. If you put lights up outside, they get stolen). Staying in tonight because I have exams, but took a break to watch Psycho. So while my evening is not as exciting as it could be, I am getting into the spirit as much as I can! 🙂 Hope your night goes smashingly well~

Andi B. Goode

Hope the party goes well! I look forward to hearing all about it.
Australians don't get into Halloween much so we don't get any trick-or-treaters or any teenaged ruffians, either.
-Andi x

Laura C-dot

Teen-aged ruffians don't phase me one bit. I tell them to get lost and grow up, and if they won't, I press the panic button on my car keys. Works every time. 😀

Have fun at the party, I'm glad it sold out!

Twila Jean

Its so interesting to hear all the comments about how different places dont really do halloween.

Halloween is SUCH a big deal here in the states. My sons preschool had a party this week, everyone wore costumes. There are haunted houses on every block in my city. its so much fun. we are taking the little kids out to get candy tonight. its crazy to think not everyone has such a good expereience with halloween

Mrs. Bee

Lovely witchy…hope that your party is the best!
Living out of town, we don't get any knockin's on the door…however there is usually a bunch that like to use the pull out on the road near our house to down a few brew-skis and end up handing their dr. licenses over to deputies in the wee hours in the morning.
Honestly, I don't park in view of THEIR house, play my golden oldies and dance with a scotch in my hand at 2 AM!
Looking forward to the pics!!
Happy times 🙂

Sophie, the Barton Girl

Oh, I really like this sweet B&W photo of your sweet self on this post. It's less polished that your gorgeous photo shoot pics and I love its freshness.

I also cannot help but giggle at the thought of the chap with his chainsaw whom you refer to here as a 'kind soul' and as a 'wanker' on Twitter. Should we take it that Twitter is the place where Fleur lets rip? ;D

Maria S Varela

Looking forward to the Halloween pics! your outfit looks so nice! love the picture for the Halloween card as well.
We've no Halloween teens here..I guess it's too cold 🙂


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