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Retail therapy

Well I have survived my first trip to the Hemsby Rock n’ Roll weekend, and I did have a jolly good time, despite the rather extreme lack of energy for rocking, and indeed rolling, on my part.

I shall type up a proper review of my weekend tomorrow – illustrated with plenty of photos of course – but for now, let me share my only purchases with you all. I definitely opted for quality over quantity! These items were bought from the car boot sale which took place early on Sunday morning. It was worth dragging ourselves out for the start because I don’t think these would have hung around for long!

My holy grail! Well, one of the many. I have wanted a natural-coloured wicker handbag all summer, to go with a beige pair of heels I have, but hadn’t loved any I found enough to buy it. I have also been keeping an eye out for white ones with the pearly lucite trimming – not rare but again, I haven’t found the perfect one. So I was delighted to find this one, which is absolutely the best of both worlds! Natural wicker, with amber, swirly lucite handles and trim! Splendid! And I paid only £15 for it… the lady selling it haggled herself down from £20 without me even opening my mouth!

The very same lady also had the stunning, art deco tea set for sale. It’s by Midwinter, and I’ve been looking online all evening to find the pattern name, with no success. If anyone has a clue, please do pipe up! It’s unfortunately not really usable since most of the pieces are crazed, but it’s a fabulous set to display, don’t you think? And it was only £4, so I can’t complain!

So, in one fell swoop I had snapped up two marvellous things and reached the limit of my funds. Short, but indeed sweet. And I didn’t get to buy any of the gorgeous Rascal‘s lovely items, though hopefully all her wares went to equally loving homes.

Do check back with me tomorrow, won’t you; as I’ll be sharing everything else I got up to over the weekend.

Nighty night!

Fleur xx




The bag is really cute!! Congratulations for you shopping, hi hi… I think it has been one of those times when you think… "yeah, it,s been worthwhile!".


I have a bag like that in my favourite list on Etsy and have been waiting for funds to purchase it. They are so lovely! I had already purchased a smaller clutch by Michael Kors (at Ross so it was not TOO dear) in wicker but it only fits a lippy and a driver's licence!


Waouh i love the handbag. The lucite is absolutely gorgeous. I missed the same on Ebay last week. 15 £ it's a very good deal. You are a lucky girl. Anyway, is it a "Hong Kong" bag ?
i really could die for the same…


Lovely handbag, especially the lucite details. I wonder what it looks like from the inside.


That china is adorable – LOVE the pattern and even if only for display, a bargain at £4! I have a cup and saucer that can't be used thanks to a chip, which I use as a tea light holder.

The handbag's gorgeous too – I never find bargains like that!



What time did you get up to bag those?! well done you 🙂 That bag is fabulous. I got to the Hemsby boot sale just before ten… bagged three pairs of vintage stockings for £10, which looked like plain nude fully fashioned from the outside, but when opened revealed themselves to have black seams and fancy outlines, plus some glasses and a lacy green dress and bolero. Huzzah!

Was lovely to meet you, albeit very briefly. (I'm 'the girl with the green eyebrows')! Hope you had a good weekend!

Fleur de Guerre

Kally: Aaaahhhh, you're you! From the WKD forum! God, am I thick, so sorry not to recognise you. Fab purchases by the sound of it… Shona and I got there at 9, so it was at least worth it!


I am indeed me! My friend Sam got up at 8am to go over, as one of the stallholders told us she was setting up at 7.30… from what I hear, some people had only just stopped dancing by that hour! It's probably a good job I slept in and missed some of the lovely things for sale, the weekend proved rather exhaustive to my wallet!


Well, after going to Hemsby 9 times in a row, I now know why I miss such lovely items! The programme says 10am, so we normally go around 9:45 thinking we'll be early! We'll certainly make sure we get there much earlier in May!

I certainly would've snapped up the bag if I'd been there first, it's lovely! The cups are lovely too.


I have a teacup or two that I can't use, so I put flowers in them sometimes or use them on shelves in the loo to hold cotton buds and hairpins and the like. You found some great stuff! Makes me want to find a boot sale…a dangerous idea, indeed!


Oh- I just adore your tea set! I'm such a sucker for tea sets, as well. You mentioned it wasn't usable due to being 'crazed,' I'm sorry, but I don't know what that means. Could you explain?



Just a thought, but Chinasearch might be able to help you find out more about your lovely teaset – and any replacement pieces available for it. I can't remember the website for Chinasearch though, so you'd be best searching for them.


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