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Glad rags at the ready!

Just a quickie before I die in a paperwork avalanche, but don’t forget that this Saturday 28th I’m putting on a rather super pre-Christmas Hawaiian/Tiki party at the Fox – Chocks Hawaii!

It looks set to be a really fabulous night, and sure to lift your spirits up from the winter blues (which I am certainly feeling right now). As I mentioned in my post about The Enchant-Ed Wood, we totally sold out last time, but we have space for plenty more fabulous people to attend this one. If any of my blog readers would like to come down on the night for a few fruity cocktails and a dance to the amazing Sax Pastilles at the special last-minute price of £8 instead of the usual £12, then please do! Just use the magic code words, “Fleur said I could come in for £8” and Bob’s your uncle! More information, as ever, at the Fox Presents site.

Tomorrow night (Thursday 26th November) I will be popping along to the Rokit Christmas party for some drinks, nibbles and a browse of their famous wares.

Hope to see some of you at one or other of this rocking dos soon. Now… nose back to grindstone for another day!

Pip pip

Fleur xx

Edit: According to Miss Twila Jean ‘Glad rags’ are a menstrual item in the US… here in the UK it just means fancy clothing! But then presumably Bill Haley didn’t mean sanitary-ware when he sang ‘Get your glad rags on’ in Rock Around The Clock? 😉


Twila Jean

LOL!?! I clicked to this from facebook, I saw the title about glad rags and went ?!??!!

Here in the states, glad rags, are a washable menstural item. So I was like what is she talking about?!?

hehe, glad to hear its just events. 🙂

Andi B. Goode

Oh dear. Haha. I've only ever known 'glad rags' to be your best clothes (and, according to a list of presumably US jazz age slang, that's what it meant to them back in the 20s and 30s and, as you mentioned, at least up until Bill Haley sung it, too).
The Tiki night looks like it'll be awesome! I love Tiki.
-Andi x


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