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Perfect party frocks from Able Grable

The festive season is rapidly approaching, and most of us have various shindigs and soirées to attend… but what to wear? My addiction to 40s and 50s house dresses has meant that I’ve not bought a single item of eveningwear this year, and barely owned any to start with! So imagine my delight when I was asked to be a guest model for the fabulous new reproduction design house Able Grable! I have admired (and indeed posted about) Miss Matilda‘s fabulous new line of dresses for a while, but was yet to actually own one until she got in touch with me about a very special new frock she’d dreamed up… quite literally!

I was the first person (apart from Miss M and her team, of course!) to see the Dream Girl 1932 and I actually gasped when I opened the package and took it out. It’s just the epitome of early ’30s grace and elegance, and in my favourite colour to boot. I modelled it in front of my lovely friend Sean Kelly, aka OMalley, in the week before I departed for sunnier climes, which is why I haven’t posted anything until now… but without further ado, here is the first instalment of my shoot.

I styled my hair in a sort of 1930s faux bob – I just made it up as I went along, pinning the back and slightly fingerwaving the front. I think it turned out quite well! But don’t look at me, really, look at the Dream Girl! My sheer delight in this fabulous gown was amplified by the fact that, because they are made to measure, the hem brushed the floor, even with high heels on! A revelation for me! The Dream Girl 1932 has a divine little Angel Wing capelet attached to the shoulders, and was partly inspired by Flash Gordon according to Miss M, although the angels definitely had a hand. Very appropriate for me, given what my lovely mum does. Of course the sofa I’m posing on isn’t vintage, but it definitely owes its design to the Deco movement.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, because I also had the honour of modelling a kingfisher-blue version of Able Grable’s bestselling Ann Darrow frock… which I have already shown you on my earlier post about the King’s Ginger. There really couldn’t be a more stunning cocktail frock, could there?

Trimmed with a beautiful bow at the throat and at the back, the Ann Darrow has been seen on me at two events so far (with the post about the second to come very shortly) and is about to be whisked off to the south coast tomorrow, to be worn on Saturday night at Rhythm Riot! You’re all going to be jolly bored of seeing me in it, long before I get tired of wearing it (which will be never, by the way)! I’m pairing it with my very beautiful and comfortable Esther wedges from Rocket Originals.

I’m actually going to be wearing my Dream Girl to the very swanky Chap 10th anniversary Grand Anarcho Dandyist Ball next month too!

I couldn’t resist! I hope some readers will be coming to the Chap Ball – it’s going to be an absolute smasher!

Let me just conclude by saying that if the pictures don’t convince you (and Sean is a great photographer, but the colours, fabric and cuts are even better in real life), I love my dresses so much that I have just parted with some of my precious pennies to buy one of Able Grable’s limited edition Countess frocks too! The name is an homage to the international burlesque starlet who happens to be dating a Count… and who actually owns and loves the dress herself! Talk about high praise!

I have a rather exciting event to attend just after Christmas, and I think I’ll wear it on Christmas day as well – with its red flowers, it is just the perfect combination of vintage glamour and festive spirit!

What are you going to be sporting to parties this Christmas?

Fleur xx


Miss Matilda

Beautiful words my friend, thank you!
Love the Chap and teacup piccy, delightful.
Yes, you look exactly the way I saw you in my minds eye in the Dream Girl!!

I am enjoying seeing your candids in the Miss Ann Darrow, it really really suits you!

Rebecca Giger

Oh my!! My jaw just dropped when I saw those photographs; AMAZING! You look every inch a 1930's siren. I love the hair as well and hope to see it in a future how-to video.

If I look half as stunning this Christmas, I count myself lucky…


That is the most stunning dress I think I have seen in a long time. Pity I have no money because I would so buy that although I have no parties to go to, I could just wander around the flat wearing it and be quite content!


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