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For Tart The Bell Tolls…

I feel I have rather neglected my blog in the last week or so – the days are passing by in a pre-Christmas whirl, with a ton of work pressing on me from all sides! I haven’t done any Christmas shopping at all yet, and I feel incredibly guilty as my best friend has already handed me two bags of beautifully wrapped presents. Oh dear.

Still, I managed to escape from the computer for the entire day yesterday, and indeed most of today (obviously I am writing this now…!) and I even took some photos to prove I was doing something exciting!

Yesterday was our second Tart event at the 40 Winks hotel, for which I wore my new Able Grable Wicked Lady. I woke up feeling completely rotten that morning, and as such was running rather late. My attempt at my usual glamorous faux bangs and rolls hairdo was therefore distinctly lacklustre, the bottom curls were from the day before, and the whole lot was done in approximately 3.5 minutes flat… so it is very wonky. Here are some photos anyway!

The lovely ladies are Arlette from Lipstick and Curls and Bella and Sarah our makeup artists.

I bought the frock last week because I didn’t have anything suitably glam to wear that I hadn’t already worn! The service Miss Matilda offers is really second-to none and it arrived extremely quickly, and the dress is of course outstanding. Sadly I am slightly between sizes and her size M fits my bust and hips but is rather too large in the waist for me, so I needed to pair it with a belt until such time as I can get it taken in. However, in my rush to leave on time, I forgot to pack my little black belt, and the only thing to hand was the little red knitted belt that came with the vintage inspired knit dress I was wearing earlier. If you could see it up close, it actually matched the pink-red of the frock’s pattern very well, but it’s still a bit jarring, and the style is completely wrong. I just love this dress though, it’s stunning. Expect it to be looking even more fabulous soon!

Those are the only pictures I had time to take during the 4 hours, but I will have more photos as soon as the official ones are sent to me. It went wonderfully, our guests had a great time, and I even did a little 40s lipstick application masterclass! Can’t wait until January. I am working on a website for the event, which will be at www.tartsat40winks.org (a play on ‘Tarts at 40 Winks’ and Tart, Sat[urdays], 40 Winks!).

I dashed off afterwards to ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls‘ a Victorian-themed boxing gala, all for charity. I was sent by the Chap Magazine to cover it for my Vintage Socialite column, and my companion for the evening was the infamous Atters, the Chap’s chief cad and grooming editor. We had VIP tickets, which included a prime location, free champagne and pie and mash for dinner. I am not sure what I was expecting – a sort of pantomime fighting perhaps, but what I actually saw was my first proper boxing match, albeit between chaps who had never boxed before. As far as I could make out, each one embarked upon a 3-month training regime to prepare, which, for some of them consisted of ‘eating junk food and watching Rocky films’; and some which took it absolutely seriously. The dedication did show, and some of the matches were fearsome! Many of the pugilists sported some very fine facial hair, and indeed it was our role to pick the very best to win the coveted ‘Best Facial Topiary’ award at the end. Some pictures!

Clockwise from top:a glimpse of the magnificence of Old Finsbury Town hall, with the compere and organiser in the centre; the prize-giving, with the final two puglists still bare-chested, Edward ‘The Widow-Maker’ Wills, the winner of the best facial topiary (whose splendid, waxed, forked beard unfortunately dissolved during his bout!); Patrick ‘Lionheart’ Wheeler and Steve ‘The Educator’ Allen fight; Tallulah Tempest indicates the round number; ‘The Educator’ wins, with mutton-chops trumping moustache in this bout.

Atters was reasonably well-behaved, for the nation’s biggest bounder, anyway. 😉 I must say, there were some incredibly well-dressed gentlemen there, including one devastatingly handsome chap, whom I spoke to a few times over the course of the night. Unfortunately, after Atters rushed off to catch the last train to Brighton leaving me on my own, I was too chicken to go and ask for his contact details as he was all the way across the hall with his friends. I didn’t want to hang around to ‘bump into’ him again as I was dying of fatigue and dreading the journey home. Maybe he’ll read this and get in touch… wish me well readers!

Here’s one last photo of me and the dapper and devilish Atters.

As you can see, I didn’t change, or do anything to my hair, but my companion looks splendidly Victorian. No one seemed to mind my anachronistic outfit!

Today I took my mum along to a Shim Sham workshop, to learn the dance in time for the Guinness World-Record breaking attempt on the 27th of December. I am now even more exhausted and off to relax for a bit. Hope you all had marvellous weekends, do tell me what you got up to.

Fleur xx



Well for 3.5 minutes your hair looks lovely! I wish I was able to do something with my hair in 3.5 minutes aside from a boring pony tail and a headband to keep back the flyaways.

That boxing match looks so interesting! Hope you're able to chat/catch up with the handsome fella from the event! ^_^

Andi B. Goode

You do a better job in 3.5 minutes than I could in half an hour! And the dress is gorgeous.
Good luck with the chap! If he doesn't read this, I hope you run into him again.
Also, I really want to learn the Shim Sham (I nearly wrote Tim Tam…I have food on the brain).
-Andi x
PS I sent my swing instructor a link to your faux bangs tutorial a while ago, after she asked how I did my hair, and then we were talking about it with another girl and my instructor said you are very beautiful. I thought I'd pass along the compliment and hopefully not sound like a bit of a creep in the process.


I'm going to chime in and say that your hair looks utterly gorgeous for having been thrown into a suitable 'do in under 4 minutes! 🙂 You always look so effortlessly glam, Fleur!

♥ Casey
blog | elegantmusings.com

Fleur de Guerre

Thanks everyone – knowing my luck the chap will read it and think it all horribly stalkerish! Glad you all like the hair, too – I am too much of a perfectionist perhaps but the dip and gaps make me cringe slightly!

Andi, you are a doll and not in the least bit creepy… but now I am craving Tim Tams… thanks a lot 😉 😉

a cat of impossible colour

What a great event! And what a luxuriant moustache on that gentleman. Christmas is just a mental time, isn't it? I have no idea whether I'm human or a piece of tinsel at the moment. And it must be even worse for you, as I'm sure you've been asked to a ton of glamorous Christmas parties! 🙂


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